By Productdose Staff

Sure, all you Readymade readers out there undoubtedly know how to make your own wallets out of household junk. But you have to admit that the stuff you make never lasts that long before falling apart. Maybe you’re not clever, or maybe you can’t use a sewing machine, or maybe you just don’t see projects through. Who knows what your problem is.

What you people who appreciate that crafty aesthetic—but who don’t have the craft-making skills—really need, is somebody to make the stuff for you. Which is exactly what makes db clay so appealing.

This Portland, OR-based company makes wallets out of professional-grade gaffers tape, which supports a variety of patterns and images. The company’s original wallets were made from duct tape, and duct tape wallets in a variety of colors (including lime, red, and pink) are still produced. Both sets of wallets feature six interior pockets (four card slots and two card pouches), as well as a single bill compartment. Water-proof interior nylon lining is secured with Teflon-coated nylon stitching, so these things will last longer than anything you’d make for yourself.

The model pictured goes for $40, and the others are in that range. The website, again, here.


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