Turbofan Toaster

By Evan Ackerman

Being a big fan of toasters of all sorts, I think it’s about time that a toaster came along that utilizes, you guessed it, big fans to toast bread faster than ever before. Designed by Oliver Newberry, a graduate of Central St Martins College in London, the Turbo Toaster was created specifically to address the problem of beans getting cold while toast is getting warm. Apparently, this is a serious issue in England… Serious enough that Heinz actually hopes to have this thing on sale within a year. The working prototype uses ducted fans to blow hot air over the surface of the toast from both sides, reducing toasting time from the average of 141 seconds to a mere 50 seconds. According to various unreliable sources, the titanium fans spin at 10,000 RPM and the heating elements use “nylon-based laser technology.” I don’t know what that is, exactly, but I still want it in my toaster. Along with two huge engines.

[ Daily Mail ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]