Peek 9 (Image courtesy Peek)By Andrew Liszewski

It doesn’t appear as if there’s been any improvements made to the hardware since the Pronto, but today Peek officially revealed their Peek 9 software update which still improves the device on many fronts.

Overall the Peek is claimed to be considerably faster now (up to 9 times coincidentally) which will be greatly appreciated since the Peek UI has always suffered from a bit of lag, though never unusable. It’s also claimed to have better reception thanks to software improvements, even where signal strength is low: “We’ve re-configured our wireless connectivity algorithms to help hold a signal longer and stronger in places with low or bad coverage, letting you take your mind off of how many bars you have and focus more on what matters.”

And while it still can’t be used to make calls, the Peek 9 gains even more smartphone-like functionality with weather and real-time location data via Google Maps, a Streams app for following RSS feeds and the ability to open more email attachments like Word docs, PDFs and even spreadsheets. The Peek 9 hardware will set you back $69.99 with service starting at $19.95/month (cheaper the more months you sign up for) or $99.99 which includes two months of service.

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