R2D2 & Darth Vader USB Hubs (Images courtesy Ascii.jp)
By Andrew Liszewski

When you consider how much desktop real estate these Star Wars themed USB hubs take up, and the fact that they only provide 4 extra USB ports, I’m pretty sure they’re only going to appeal to the Star Wars crowd. But since that crowd has made Lucas quite a bit of coin over the years, I’m also pretty sure that Lucasfilm isn’t that concerned. When plugged into your PC they both make various Star Wars related sound effects and while the Darth Vader bust also has glowing red eyes (I’m sorry, which movie featured that?) R2D2 has blinking lights and will actually turn his head back and forth. In fact you can see him in action here:

Thankfully you can switch off the sounds and other effects which will probably become pretty annoying after about 10 minutes. And both USB hubs will be available in Japan in July for about $66.

[ Star Wars USB ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]