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3G iPhone 2.0 Officially Offical, Officially Cheap(er)

Apple iPhone 3G

By Evan Ackerman

I know it can’t hold a candle to the Cuisinart Ice-Cream Maker with Sprinkle Dispenser, but another little rumor that was confirmed on Monday was the release of the 3G iPhone 2.0. It’s been hyped for months and ultimately the specs on the 3G iPhone come as no big surprise, except for the price… The 8 gig version is only $200 with a contract from AT&T. Doubling the storage to 16 gigs will run you an extra $100, and the 16 gig version comes in black and white. That’s right, white is now the new black which was the new white.

Apple iPhone 3G

What it has:

-3G connectivity. It’s nearly 3x faster than EDGE, and is getting pretty darn close to full blown WiFi speed. This is the serious, it’s-a-big-deal upgrade and the reason that you’re going to start seeing the now old and busted first gen iPhones cropping up on eBay for a nickel.
-For real GPS, enhanced with cell tower triangulation, that’ll geotag pictures. This is the other big upgrade.
-Simultaneous voice and data communication, so you can stalk people on Facebook while you talk to them.
-Smaller size without shrinking the 3.5″ (480×320) screen.
-Much better battery life: 10 hours 2G talk time, 5 hours 3G talk time or web browsing, 7 hours of video, 24 hours of audio.
-Access to an online 3rd party applications store where you can buy all kinds of software to waste your time with.
-A $200 price tag that means you may actually be able to rationalize purchasing one based on its features rather than the just the fact that it’s a new Apple product and if you don’t buy one society will shun you.

What it doesn’t have:

-Integrated Flash (the software kind, not the bright light kind, although it doesn’t have that either).
-A decent camera, the kind that can take video. Or one it the front to let you video chat.
-Stereo Bluetooth, or the ability to act as a Bluetooth modem, which is wicked super lame.
-A way to activate it without going in person to an AT&T store.
-A cheaper pricetag (my current AT&T contract doesn’t expire until December, so I’m allowed to complain about it… I don’t know what the non-contract unit price is going to be, but my guess is that it won’t be pretty).

I’m absolutely not an Apple fanboi, but I have to admit, I’m sorely tempted by this phone. According to Apple, 56% of people that wanted an original iPhone but didn’t get one say it was due to the price, and Apple seems to have taken that to heart and made 2.0 better and cheaper at the same time. What a concept. Despite my vague distrust of the Apple culture, I’m not too jaded to recognize a good product when I see one, and I’m pretty sure that the 3G iPhone qualifies.

The 3G iPhone launches July 11 around the world.

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[CTIA 2008] Guitar Hero Rocks Blackberry Phones

Guitar Hero Mobile on Blackberry

By Luke Anderson

I’m something of a Guitar Hero nut, so I’m always happy to hear when the games come to new platforms. Guitar Hero III Mobile has been out for a little while now, but not until today has it been playable on Blackberry phones.

I had the opportunity to spend a little hands-on time with the game, and was pleased at how it performed. Obviously the screen movements aren’t going to be as smooth as when you’re playing on a console, but it was still fun to play. Now if they’d just get it on the iPhone, now that would be awesome.

Cell Phone Microsocope Can Diagnose Your Parasites

CellScopeBy Evan Ackerman

If you thought this or this was cool, you’ll definitely be impressed by this 60x cell phone microscope attachment. But it’s not a novelty cell phone accessory… It was designed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley to provide a cheap, reliable way for doctors to diagnose patients in remote areas over the phone. The CellScope comes in two powers: 5x, for diagnosing skin conditions, and 60x, which is enough magnification to diagnose malaria in a blood sample, or perform white blood cell counts for leukemia patients. The first prototype was built entirely of off-the-shelf components for about 75 bucks, and now includes integrated LEDs to illuminate the sample. Researchers hope that health workers with minimal specialized training will be able to send pictures directly to experts at medical centers as easily as they might make a phone call… When they’re not using it to look at cool bugs and stuff, of course.

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