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Fold It Yourself Cardboard Mini iPod BoomBox

Folded Cardboard iPod Speakers (Images courtesy SUCK UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not only is this cardboard boombox a cheaper alternative to most of the speaker docks you’ll find for the iPod, but you’ll even save on shipping since it arrives flat-packed. It does require some basic paper folding skills to assemble but in no time you’ll be blasting your music through its fully working pair of amplified speakers.

On top of that it’s also got retro 80’s styling and I think you’d look pretty cool walking around the office carrying this thing on your shoulder. I’m not 100% sure how it connects to the iPod but if it uses the headphone jack it’s only a pair of scissors away from being compatible with other MP3 players as well.

The Cardboard iPod Boombox should be available from SUCK UK at the end of the month for about $40.

[ Folded Cardboard iPod Boombox ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]

iStones iPod Docks – Perfect Accessories For The Batcave

iStones (Images courtesy Brand Incubator)
By Andrew Liszewski

With all the talk these days about iPhones getting ‘bricked’ these iPod docks made of stone almost seem like a photoshopped gag. But they’re real (weighing in around 5.5 lbs each) and come in two versions called Wabi and Sabi complete with USB 2.0 ports and audio and video outputs. The docks seem like the perfect choice if you live or work underground and want to stick with the whole ‘bare rock’ motif or have simply always wanted a large chunk of granite sitting on your desk.

The iStones are available from Brand Incubator but the website has no info on pricing.

[ iStones ] VIA [ Freshpilot ]

WaterField Designs Releases New Cases For The Updated and New iPods

WaterField Designs New iPod Cases (Images courtesy WaterField Designs)
By Andrew Liszewski

Hot on the heels of Apple announcing their revamped iPod line, WaterField Designs has just released three new cases designed specifically for the new additions to the iPod family. The WF Designs Smart Case and Suede Jacket Case which I reviewed earlier for the iPhone are now compatible with the iPod Classic, the new Nano and of course the iPod Touch. The company also sells an iPod Travel Case designed to store the player and all the cables, chargers and other accessories you need to travel with.

I particularly recommend the Suede Jacket Case as a cheap and easy way to keep your iPod scratch-free when carried in a pocket and even you Shuffle owners can now enjoy the added bit of protection it offers.

The iPod Smart Case runs between $29-$39 depending on what style you choose and should be available by September 30. The iPod Travel Case runs between $35-$39 depending on what size you choose (small, medium & large) and the iPod Suede Jacket Case runs between $5-$9 and both are available now.

[ WaterField Designs Creates Cases for Apple’s iPod Touch, iPod Classic and iPod Nano ]

Weird Jukebox for your iPod or iPhone

Advance Sound devices Retro Tune Mini Jukebox (Image via Advance Audio Devices)By Shane McGlaun

If you are the old school type that likes to have new gadgets and need a way to mix old and new, Advance Sound Devices has a strange product that might do just that. The device is called the Retro Tune Mini Jukebox and is basically just what the name describes.

You get a mini jukebox with all the style of the 50’s down to the rotating light column coupled with a dock for your iPod or iPhone. The dock allows you to charge and play your iPhone or iPod while viewing the screen.

Other features of the jukebox include an alarm clock that can wake you to music from your iPod or iPhone and a single disk CD player. The device also includes a remote that allows you to control your iPod or iPhone from across the room.

VIA [ Advance Sound Devices ]

Logitech Launches iPod Bedroom Music System

Logitech Pure-Fi iPod Bedroom Speaker (Image via Logitech)
by Shane McGlaun

Logitech announced a new iPod speaker dock today aimed at bedside use called the Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Premium Bedroom Music system. While the speaker may well have the longest product name Logitech has ever used, it packs in some cool technology.

The system is designed to be used at the bedside in place of an alarm clock. Two different alarms can be set so you and your significant other can each have your own wake up time. You can opt to have the system wake you up to music from the radio or your iPod and a buzzer is available as well. The snooze button can be activated by simply waving your hand over the speaker or by hitting the button.

Motion sensing technology allows you to turn the backlit display on by simply waving your hand over the speaker. The screen automatically dims at night and brightens during the day to make reading the display easier. The LCD screen provides song, track and artist information. A remote control is included for controlling the system from across the room. Logitech says the device will be available in November for $249.99.

VIA [ Logitech ]

iHome iH20W Water Resistant iPod Speakers

iHome iH20W Water Resistant iPod Speaker (Image courtesy iHome)By Andrew Liszewski

Is there anyone so addicted to their iPod that they can’t survive the duration of a shower without one? It seems so otherwise products like the iH20W wouldn’t exist. It’s a water resistant speaker that will hold most of the recent iPods including the 5G, 4G, Nano, Photo and Mini.

It includes basic controls on the outside allowing you to skip tracks on the iPod or adjust the volume. The speakers can also be used with non-Apple MP3 players but you won’t be able to control those devices while they’re sealed up inside. The iH20W can be powered by an AC adapter if you’re looking to make your showers more dangerous or 4 AA batteries if you want to play it safe. You’ll also want to note the iH20W is advertised as ‘water-resistant’ as opposed to ‘water-proof.’ So while it’s probably fine for use when showering or outdoors where it might get splashed you’re going to want to avoid submerging this thing in the bathtub or pool.

The iH20W is currently available on the iHome website for $79.99. Also I’m going to go out on a limb and predict the company will be producing a shower-safe housing for the iPhone once that’s released because why should we be limited to just listening to music while we’re in the shower?

[ iHome iH20W Water Resistant Speaker ] VIA [ iLounge ]

PodXtreme Packs A Lot Of Sound Into A Small Speaker

PodXtreme (Image courtesy Gadget Universe)By Andrew Liszewski

The market for compact, portable speakers is definitely not lacking in selection these days. But when it comes to sound quality that’s a different story. When you spend $20 on a pair of small speakers they’re going to sound like $20 speakers. The PodXtreme however claims to provide impressive sound output in a very small, pocket-sized speaker.

One of the reasons the PodXtreme can outperform other speakers is that it has a built-in power source. It uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be topped off via a USB connection or plugged into an AC outlet. This of course allows for much more volume than you’d get with an unpowered speaker. The PodXtreme also claims to have impressive bass performance thanks to the extended part you can see sticking out in the photo. (Which helps to ‘elongate’ your sound of course.) Thanks to the accordion design it can also be collapsed when the speaker is not in use allowing for even a smaller form factor.

I can’t say for sure whether or not the PodXtreme actually lives up to its claims but at only $29.95 from Gadget Universe it might be worth a shot.

[ PodXtreme ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

iPod Digital Drumsticks

iPod Digital Drumsticks (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)By Andrew Liszewski

Like most MP3 accessories these digital drumsticks can easily be used with any player on the market but by slapping the word ‘iPod’ in the name the company who makes them is probably guaranteed a healthy number of sales. Designed for people who really get into their music these motion activated drumsticks allow you to play along with any song on your MP3 player or with six built-in background rhythms.

They can be used on their own, with a pair of headphones or even connected to a stereo if thrashing the sticks around isn’t already annoying enough for everyone around you. They also have buttons that allow you to play combinations of different drum or cymbal effects like a snare drum, bass drum, hi-hat and crash cymbal. A belt clip control module is also included but from what I can tell it doesn’t have any iPod controlling capabilities.

The iPod Digital Drumsticks are currently available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $29.95.

[ iPod Digital Drumsticks ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]

SendStation PocketDock AV – iPod Break Out Box In Your Pocket

SendStation PocketDock AV (Images courtesy SendStation)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I’m not crazy about the physical size of the video-capable iPods (I prefer the Nano) I do like the fact they have a video-out option. It definitely makes up for the small screen and with the right software can serve as a portable, pocket-sized Tivo. And while the ridiculously overpriced ‘official’ Apple AV cable works well enough using the iPod’s headphone jack there are higher quality solutions. SendStation’s PocketDock AV for example attaches to the iPod’s dock connector instead and provides an s-video connection which should give a better picture than the standard composite hookup.

Besides the obvious fact that the PocketDock AV is far smaller than any of the other docks on the market it can also be used while your iPod is in a case thanks to a built-in extender for the dock connection. And as an added bonus the cable used with the PocketDock AV can also be connected directly to a 15″ or 17″ PowerBook for outputting the screen content to a TV.

The PocketDock AV will be available from SendStation in the near future for about $37.

[ SendStation PocketDock AV ] VIA [ SlashGear ]