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Color Changing LED Garden Stones

Faux Color Changing Garden Stone (Image courtesy WieDaMark)
By Andrew Liszewski

Outdoor speakers ‘cleverly’ disguised as fake stones are nothing new but this is the first time I’ve seen garden lights disguised that way. When powered off these unique stones look like your run-of-the-mill chunk of granite but when turned on a set of color changing red, blue and green LEDs inside cause the entire stone to glow like it just plummeted to Earth from the deepest reaches of space.

The stones are completely waterproof and will even float if for some reason you always thought your pool or pond could benefit from glowing, floating rocks. A 33 foot submersible cord also allows you to place the rocks all around your backyard while still being able to power them on and off from a single location.

The stones are currently available in 3 different ‘designs’ for $34.95 a piece.

[ Faux Color Changing Garden Stones ]

Nightlighter Flashlight Illuminates Where You Are And Where You’re Going

Nightlighter Flashlight (Images courtesy firstSTREET)
By Andrew Liszewski

They say if you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door but what if that happens at night or when the power’s out? Thankfully someone has built a better flashlight with the ‘oval’ that not only allows you to see what’s ahead when walking in the dark but it also illuminates the area just in front of you so you can avoid any tripping hazards.

This ingeniously designed flashlight contains two light sources that work together to provide you with the ultimate illumination. This dual-light flashlight emits a forward-facing, narrow-angle beam (uses a high output Luxeon one watt LED bulb) to light the path ahead of you. It also emits a downward-facing wide-angle beam (uses two ultra bright 5mm white LEDs) to light the ground. Using both of these light sources simultaneously enables you to feel safer while walking in the dark. You also have multiple lighting options available with the flashlights three-way switch: the front light on alone, both front and lower lights on, and lower lights only.

The oval design and built-in handle apparently also makes the flashlight more ergonomic and easier to carry for lengthy periods. Though I have to admit I’ve never really felt strained after using a traditional flashlight design for long periods. But maybe that’s just because my arms are like pythons.

The oval is powered by 3 AAA batteries and is currently available from firstSTREET for only $29.95.

[ Nightlighter Flashlight ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

PIX Visual Pendant Annoys Others With Visuals

visual_led_flash.gifBy Ryan Nill

PIX Visual Pendant uses 117 LEDs to constantly annoy bystanders with flashing image chains. It can display animations, images, texts, emotions and more. Using the included PIX editor software you can design and edit different graphics that you want your PIX to showcase. Then, you can share your painstakingly crafted PIX image macros with other users via email and MMS. PIX also has a social aspect, hosting a site where you can meet and trade IDs; apparently, when two PIX get close to each other (as fools wearing large, LED based badges are wont to do) they play synchronized images. It’s like myspace meets public forum meets tamagotchi. PIX retails for £39.00.

Hit the Korean site for a bit more info. Here: XenoFreaks.

[ kjglobal ] VIA [ uberGizmo ]

Superbright Gforce Power LED Calendar Clock

Gforce Power LED Calendar Clock (Image courtesy Gadget Universe)By Andrew Liszewski

In theory this is the perfect clock for your bedroom since it provides the date, time and temperate on an easy to read display. But the fact that it uses the brightest white LEDs on the market from the Nichia Corporation means it will also serve to keep you awake all night with its blinding glow. So it’s probably more suited for use in the kitchen, office or from the looks of it hanging from the ceiling at your local hockey arena.

But even though it shines as bright as a thousand suns the Gforce Calendar Clock is actually quite energy efficient thanks to its use of LEDs. So get rid of that old coal burning clock you’ve got in the den and replace it with one of these currently available from Gadget Universe for $99.95.

[ Gforce Power LED Calendar Clock ] VIA [ Techie Diva’s Guide to Gadgets ]

LED Based Fluorescent Tube Replacements

EverLED Fluorescent Tube Replacement (Image courtesy LEDdynamics)By Andrew Liszewski

While fluorescent lights are far more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts I’m still not thrilled with the health risks they pose. The fluorescent technology relies on chemicals like mercury that aren’t exactly non-toxic but they still get discarded like a regular lightbulb. Not good. That’s why I’m relieved to see LED technology progressing as fast as it has and a company called LEDdynamics is now producing an LED-based fluorescent tube replacement called EverLED.

Switching to the new bulbs is as easy as removing the old fluorescent ones and inserting the LED versions. The EverLED bulbs have patent pending electronic circuitry allowing them to be used in existing fluorescent ballasts so to upgrade to the new technology the only thing you have to replace are the actual bulbs. And not only do the EverLED bulbs have a 10 year life cycle but they also provide the same amount of light as the fluorescent models while using only about 80% of the power.

Regrettably while the bulbs are available in 5 different color temperatures ranging from 2900K up to 6500K they’ll set you back $149 each which is going to make it really difficult for them to catch on.

[ EverLED Fluorescent Tube Replacement ] VIA [ EcoGeek ]

Zumreed Rain Drop Bathroom LED Light

Zumreed Rain Drop (Image courtesy AudioCubes)
By Andrew Liszewski

If the fluorescent lighting in your bathroom just isn’t dramatic enough for your tastes try a few of these Rain Drops instead. Created by Dreams Japan each one uses LED lights that slowly change color over time creating a “subtle and gentle mood.”

The lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries and once they’re installed and the Drop is closed it’s completely waterproof. That’s kind of an important feature since the only way to turn on the Rain Drop is to set it floating in water. A built-in sensor automatically detects the presence of H20 and activates the light. I guess it’s designed to be used in a bathtub or sauna but there’s really nothing stopping you from adding some dramatic lighting to your toilet either.

The Rain Drop LED Light is currently available from AudioCubes for $39.

[ Zumreed Rain Drop LED Bathroom Light ]

Key Light LED Keychain

Key Light LED Keychain (Image courtesy Pure Modern)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a bit of clever design. Why carry around a large LED flashlight on your keyring when this one is shaped to fit in perfectly with the rest of your keys? While there’s not much info on these I assume you squeeze the top portion to temporarily turn the LED on and they appear to be covered with a silicon-esque finish.

They’re currently available from Pure Modern in either Beige or Grey for only $11.

[ Key Light LED Keychain ]

SureFire Titan – First Dimmable LED Flashlight

SureFire Titan (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m actually kind of surprised that this is the world’s first dimmable LED flashlight but since I can’t think of any other companies offering this feature, it must be. The Titan from SureFire can be adjusted from anywhere between 0 lumens up to 70 lumens by rotating the bezel. And even though it’s only 3.5 inches long it’s built like a tank and could probably eat MagLites for breakfast.

The body is made from tough, corrosion-resistant Titanium and the virtually indestructible LED is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire window. It even has a tailcap connector threaded at 1/4-20 UNC allowing it to attach to most standard tripods for hands-free usage.

While the Titan might seem like the perfect tool for your upcoming weekend camping trip you might be disappointed to learn the limited run of 1000 Titanium units will set you back $500 each.

[ SureFire Titan ] VIA [ Popular Science ]

Flashing LED Balloon Light Makes Your Parties Slightly Less Boring

Flashing LED Balloon Lights (Images courtesy Wikked Vibes)By Andrew Liszewski

If your friends usually leave your parties about 10 minutes after they’ve arrived then it’s pretty obvious what your problem is… your balloons aren’t flashing! Thankfully we live in the 21st century and this issue is easily resolved. These compact LED lights come in two sizes (2.5cm and 3.5cm) and can be placed inside any regular balloon instantly turning them into an inflatable party.

The smaller sized LEDs come in 5 different colors including red, blue, yellow, green and white while the larger sized ones include all those colors in a single device. The balloon lights are powered by 3 button cell batteries (included) which should keep them running for anywhere between 24 to 48 hours when left constantly on. They also include a flashing mode which will result in a longer battery life given they’re not technically on all the time.

The LED lights are available from Wikked Vibes for about $2.85 for the 2.5cm version and about $3.84 for the 3.5cm version.

[ Flashing LED Balloon Lights ] VIA [ Shiny Shiny ]