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VARIOmobil Perfect 1200 Platinum Motorhome

VARIOmobil Perfect 1200 Platinum (Images courtesy VARIOmobil)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s nice to know that in this troubled economy there are still people who are willing and able to drop over $1.4 million on a motorhome, though ‘mobile luxury apartment’ seems to be a better description for this thing. The VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum comes with every amenity one could ever want including cherry wood accents, leather upholstery, corian countertops in the kitchen, granite flooring, a dish washer, a rain shower, mirrored sliding doors in the bedroom, LCD TVs, a satellite system and of course a Bose stereo.

But the most notable and obvious feature of the Perfect 1200 Platinum is the garage located ’round back that uses a hydraulic system to house a compact car like a Cooper Mini. Now it isn’t the first RV I’ve written about with a built-in garage, but it’s definitely the most assinine nicest.

[ VARIOmobil Perfect 1200 Platinum ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

What’s Inside Half A Billion Dollars Of Private Jet


By Evan Ackerman

A couple years ago (before the economy went belly up), we posted an article about custom airliners. Not just private jets, but giant luxurious monstrosities like personalized Boeing 747-8s. At the top of the heap is of course the Airbus A380, one of which was purchased for nearly half a billion dollars by a Saudi Prince. British company Design Q has been put in charge of fitting out the interior, which consists of 3 floors and includes four suites, a marble-lined steam room, a concert hall with a baby grand piano, a room on the belly of the plane with a virtual transparent floor (freaky), a parking garage, and an elevator that drops all the way down to ground level.

And there’s more, of course… I’m barely mentioning the holographic projection systems, the giant touchscreens, and the virtual prayer mats that always point toward Mecca. This is all good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but I would personally have preferred a swimming pool, or a petting zoo, or maybe an indoor ski slope.

[ Daily Mail ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Live Luggage Scoots Around On Motorized Wheels

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever been rushing through the airport trying to catch your flight whilst dragging your luggage behind you? Despite how much easier rolling luggage has made our lives, it’s still no fun to lug around, which is why someone has designed a motorized bag that will help ease the hassle.

This piece of luggage is rather simple to operate. Simply tilt the handle so the bag is at between a 15 and 35% angle, and the wheels will start turning, however, if you let go, they will stop. A combination of pancake wheel technology and an Anti-Gravity handle places most of the weight on the wheels, rather than at the handle.

The motors are powered by 12V NiMH batteries which promise a good mile and a half of trekking before they need recharging. If you’re constantly finding yourself in an airport, this might be worth looking into. Then again the $1,365 price tag might be a bit of a deterrent.

[ Live Luggage ] VIA [ SlipperyBrick ]

This Ugly Keyboard Is Worth More Than Some People’s Computers

By Luke Anderson

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it’s that just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Take this hideous ZIP-ANG Keyboard which features 86 keys wrapped in some sort of gold material. The cost? $214. I’ve seen old ratty keyboards in dumpsters that looked more appealing than this.

[ GeekStuff4U ] VIA [ GearLog ]