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Oppa Gangnam Style USB Drive Will Make You Go ‘Op, Op, Op..’

Gangnam Style USB Drive

PSY’s Gangnam Style has broken records in both the real world and in the virtual world. It’s currently the third most-watched video on YouTube and it has inspired countless video parodies, Halloween costumes, and art installations ever since it hit. It looks like the folks over at USB Geek are jumping on the PSY bandwagon as well with the release of the PSY Gangnam Style USB Drive.

The PSY-inspired flash drive comes in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities and is coated with a durable silicone casing. It’s USB 2.0 certified and functions just like any other flash drive out there in the market. Perfect for storing and sharing your own Oppa-tastic parody of PSY’s hit tune. My only beef with the design is that it doesn’t feature PSY posed in the signature dance move from Gangnam Style. Now that would’ve been way cooler.

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Men’s Eyebrow Shaving Stencil: Because Men Need to Shape Their (Uni)Brows, Too

Men's Eyebrow

Media usually portrays men as slobs and women as vain and fussy, when the fact of the matter is that guys care about their looks, too. So why shouldn’t they have tools and accessories that will make personal hygiene and grooming easier? Tools like this eyebrow shaving stencil that I’m sure some girls will find useful as well.

The stencil is fashioned from polypropylene, which the manufacturer claims is an ‘anti-bacterial’ material. Which is good, because we don’t want bacteria spreading on your man brows. Blech. Notably, this stencil won’t help people tame their unibrows since both stenciled eyebrows are connected in the middle by the handle.

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Blokket Signal Jammer Pouch Lets You Go Off the Grid When You Want To

Blokket Signal Jammer

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, and it doesn’t help to have your phone ringing and beeping endlessly with new messages, status updates, and notifications just when you’re about to grab some shut-eye. In cases like these, you need the Blokket Signal Jammer. Okay, so you don’t really need it, since you can just power off your phone or turn the airplane mode on. But will you really give up on the chance to show off to your equally geeky buddies? I wouldn’t.

The Blokket Signal Jammer is a handy dandy RFID blocker that’ll block radio frequencies up to 99.7%. Aside from coming in handy to put your phone out of commission when you want to take a break, you can also put your passport and chipped ID cards inside to protect your identity and personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Check out another view of the Blokket Jammer pouch after the break.

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