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Roller Coaster Massacre

By David Ponce

If there’s anything more fun than riding a roller coaster, it’s watching a roller coaster plow through a large crowd, at high speed. Trust us.

Now, we’re not homicidal maniacs. No worries. We’re talking about virtual roller coasters, of course. Just watch this video, and witness the hilarity of creating a roller coaster massacre in Roller Coaster Tycoon.

The Pronto Condom Revolutionizes Prophylactics

pronto condomBy David Ponce

Genius! Pure, unadulterated, raw genius! That’s what this company has made: packaged genius. The Pronto condom is the last condom you’ll ever need, my man, believe me. It’s called Pronto for a simple reason: you can put it on in two seconds flat. Even less if you’re in a hurry. Gone are the days of killing the mood in the name of protection. Gone are the clumsy drunken fumbles with a slippery packaging and the awkward nervous glances when you drop the damn thing on the bed, in the dark. The packaging for the Pronto is designed in such a way that two quick snaps split it down the middle and then serve as handles to unroll. And before you know it, the thing is on, and so is your game.

Words can’t possibly describe this well enough. So, we’re including two videos after the jump for your viewing enjoyment. It’s fairly safe for work, unless your boss is easily offended and passed out during sex ed.

The only problem with these is that they seem to be available in South Africa only, at least for now.

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Nintendo Wii Interface Tour Video

nintendo wii gui tour

By David Ponce

We know a bunch of you are just dying to get your hands on the Wii. Wii understand (yeah, we know it’s an old pun). Until the 19th (you do know it’s coming out Nov. 19, right?), you can keep yourself happy by looking at as much Wii pr0n as you can fit on an 8 hour day. So, today we present to you Matt C. from IGN showing us how the Wii interface looks and what all options you can mess with. It’s a ten minute video, so get your popcorn. But if you just can’t get enough of this stuff, it should be fun.

Video after the jump.

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