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Daily Archives: Tuesday, February 12, 2008

USB Multi Cable With Firewire – Convenience Doesn’t Come Cheap

Sima USB Multi Cable With Firewire (Image courtesy Sima)By Andrew Liszewski

I really like this USB/firewire cable from Sima, since I have a nasty habit of traveling with far more cables than I usually need. (You just never know.) On one end you’ll find connections for standard USB A (with an adapter for mini A) and firewire, while on the other end there’s standard USB B, mini B 5 pin, mini B 4 pin, mini 8 pin flat and firewire. It should allow you to connect any USB or firewire based device to your laptop or PC whether it’s an external hard drive, digital camera, video camera or even a cellphone.

But while I like the idea of only having to carry a single 1.5 meter cable, I’m not sure if that convenience is really worth $69.95.

[ Sima USB Multi Cable With Firewire ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Microsoft Mobile Posts: A Humble Start

dell  notebook

By David Ponce

Well this is fun. Just want to let y’all know I’ll be doing a series of posts from the road, as Microsoft is promoting the idea of creating content while mobile. The pic you see above? That’s the little corner of a coffee table on which I sometimes work, when I’m at a friends’ place. (Yes, I do work, even though you don’t see my articles much these days). It’s taken by my trusty cellphone. And yup, that’s my “office” on that map right there.

I’ll try to keep these short, interesting and hopefully on topic.