By Jonathan Kimak

Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. has created an airline wristband that would replace tickets. You would wear a little bracelet and it would A) Have a GPS tracker so that the flight attendants will always know where you are and where your luggage is B) Be able to electrocute you.

Yes, Homeland Security has great interest in a little device that can shock every passenger into submission with a simple click of a button. The idea is that if there were ever a terrorist on board a plane, the flight attendants would be able to subdue them by pointing a special laser at them which would set of the bracelet. The bracelet would imobilize a person for several minutes.

The laser has a broad spectrum of 10 inches, meaning that most likely a few people near any suspicious characters would also get the shock treatment. Then there’s the whole fact that if I get angry at the flight attendant when I’m told that the can of coke I want costs $5 they can just shock me until my brain thinks that $5 is a bargain.

[ The Washington Times ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]