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O’Neill H3 Series Campack

O'Neill H3 Series Campack (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

The H3 Series of clothing and accessories from O’Neill are designed to give you access to your electronics like a phone or iPod while still enjoying the great (and snow-covered) outdoors. The Campack is kind of designed to be the central storage place for all your gear but besides phones and MP3 players it can also accommodate a video camera which can be used in conjunction with an externally mounted lens to produce some great Warren Miller-esque footage. (Or sadly some Jackass-esque footage too I’m sure.)

The actual pockets for the camera and other electronics are molded from foam so things aren’t really going to bounce around or smash into each other when you land that jump. The straps of the Campack also include remote buttons for starting and stopping the camera or for controlling volume and track searching when used in conjunction with an iPod. There’s even a built-in Bluetooth module for hands-free calling so I recommend keeping the number for the rescue helicopter on your speed dial just in case.

The O’Neill Campack is available now for about $480.

[ O’Neill H3 Series Campack ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]