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Sony’s New DSX-S310BTX Car Stereo Adds Bluetooth Support & Pandora Streaming For the iPhone, Android And Blackberry Devices

Sony DSX-S310BTX Car Stereo (Image courtesy Sony)
By Andrew Liszewski

Yesterday Sony unveiled a new lineup of car stereo receivers, eight in total, ranging from low-end, affordable entry level models to the most interesting and expensive DSX-S310BTX. From what I can tell it eschews a built-in CD player in favor of providing connectivity to MP3 players and smartphones. Instead of a disc slot the stereo’s faceplate hides a Tune Tray which allows you to connect and stash away your MP3 player so you don’t have to deal with unsightly wires. There’s also a USB port on the front which lets you connect a flash drive full of MP3s, but most users will probably be installing one for its Bluetooth support.

The wireless connection allows you to keep your internet-connected smartphone easily available when driving, while still letting you stream music from Pandora through your car’s stereo system. The Pandora controls are even accessible via the stereo’s faceplate buttons so you don’t need to operate or even unlock your smartphone to skip tracks. Whether that phone happens to be an Android device, Blackberry or iPhone. And while I don’t see any mention of it in the official press release, I’m hoping the DSX-S310BTX also lets you stream your regular music from your iPhone over BT, like with the ever growing collection of BT speakers out there. Available in September for $280, but if you’re an iPhone user wary of your phone’s battery life, there’s also the DSX-S210X iPhone-only version which ditches the Bluetooth for a more reasonable $200 price point.

[ PR – Sony Connects Drivers With SiriusXM and Pandora On New Car Stereo Lineup ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Sony ‘Tune Tray’ Car Stereo Line Expands

Sony Tune Tray Car Stereos (Image courtesy Sony)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sony’s Tune Tray car stereo line was apparently introduced at CES this year with the DSX-S100 model pictured above. It’s yet another PMP-friendly deck with support for MP3 or WMA files, satellite and HD radio and a feature they call ZAPPIN which plays 6, 9 or 30 second clips of each song until you find the one you want. Pretty much the same thing as the ‘Scan’ feature that’s existed in car radios for years and years, but made cooler with the name ‘ZAPPIN.’ The most unique feature of the DSX-S100 though is the Tune Tray which uses the space that would otherwise be occupied with a CD player to store and protect your MP3 player inside while it’s connected.

And even though the DSX-S100 is still listed as coming soon on the Sony website, the company has just announced two new models, the DSX-S200X and the DSX-S300BT. The S200X adds a second USB port on the front for connecting an additional audio device, and Sony’s SensMe technology which creates custom playlists and channels from your music, kind of like iTunes’ Genius, while the S300BT gets all of the above plus Bluetooth support for hands-free calling and streaming your music over A2DP.

The DSX-S200X and DSX-S300BT are expected to be available in September for around $200 and $280 respectively, while the availability of the original DSX-S100 is still unknown, but should sell for around $150.

[ Sony DSX-S100 ] VIA [ CNET ]

OhGizmo! Review – Alpine iDA-X305


By Chris Scott Barr

When it comes to listening to music in your car, you have a lot of options these days. Satellite radio, AM/FM stations, CDs, and MP3 players can all give you access to your favorite tunes. With the popularity of the iPhone, many people like to utilize it for their in-car listening pleasure. Unfortunately if you’re looking for a truly integrated solution, you’ll find that you have few options.

I personally use a Sony head unit which features an iPod adapter. In order to get it to play nicely with my iPhone, I rely on a special adapter from Scoche which does the trick. It gets the job done, so long as you aren’t searching out specific songs or artists to listen to. The controls are clunky at best and barely functional at worst. Most of the time I have to unplug the iPhone, find the artist or song I was looking for, start a song, then plug it back in. I finally became fed up with it, and have started on a search for a better solution. Apline was kind enough to endulge me by letting us test out their iDA-X305 stereo. Read on for my full review.

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Fusion CA-IP500 Car Stereo Will Swallow Your iPod

Fusion CA-IP500 Car Stereo (Images courtesy Fusion Electronics Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

iPod-friendly car stereos are nothing new. In fact, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find a stereo these days that didn’t feature some kind of iPod connectivity. But most of the time it’s just a cable or a dock that leaves your MP3 player sitting out in the open, tempting those who walk by your vehicle. But not the CA-IP500 from Fusion Electronics Ltd. The face of the head unit flips down revealing a spot where you can safely stash your iPod while it’s connected. And the unit currently supports the iPod Touch Gen1 & Gen2, the iPod Classic Gen5, Gen6 & Gen7 and the iPod Nano Gen2, Gen3 & Gen4.

Once hidden away, the iPod can still be controlled via the CA-IP500’s joystick and rotary controls, which operate not unlike the iPod’s own click-wheel. Other features include a dot matrix OLED display, SRS Wos sound shaping, AM/FM tuner, 7-band equalizer, security code, aux-in port and it will even charge your player while it’s docked inside. At $349 it’s not the cheapest iPod-compatible car stereo on the market, but if it saves your vehicle from a break-in, it could be worth it in the long run.

[ Fusion CA-IP500 ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

From The Road: Quick Review Of The JVC KD-NX5000

jvc kd-nx5000

By David Ponce

So hey, I was thinking. I bought this here car stereo a couple weeks back, the JVC KD-NX5000. It’s pretty nice. So, below is my two minutes’ worth of impressions on it.

Out here, the three-word verdict: awesome, slightly quirky.

Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 Car Stereo Ditches CD Player

Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 (Image via Blaupunkt)
By Shane McGlaun

Blaupunkt has been making car stereos for a long time now and recently it announced its newest stereo head unit called the Melbourne SD27. The Melbourne SD27 ditches that oh so 90’s CD player in favor of getting its recorded music from SD and MMC cards. Now you don’t need that FM transmitter or a cable to play your digital music files in your car, all you need is a SD card or miniSD card with an adapter and you can play your tunes directly through the radio.

The cards have to be formatted in FAT 16 of FAT 32 and it can playback MP3 or WMA files. The SD27 also can display up to 127 directories of file names and ID3 tags of up to 30 characters. There is also an optional Bluetooth module and iPod control module available that allows connectivity to music phones wirelessly and control of your iPod from the radio.

VIA [ Blaupunkt ]