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[CES 2011] eCraft Electronic Paper Cutter

eCraft Electronic Paper Cutter (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a crafty type with a penchant for gadgets you’re probably already familiar with the Cricut. It’s kind of like a printer, but instead of printing your design on paper or other materials, it cuts them out. However, it can be a pain to use since it requires everything you want to cut be attached to a stiff matte before passing through the machine, and designs are limited to what’s already available on expensive cartridges you have to buy in addition to the cutter. (Should you choose not to use an unapproved SVG-friendly third-party program.)

eCraft Electronic Paper Cutter (Images property OhGizmo!)

But the eCraft Cutter does everything the Cricut does better, and even a little more. It can cut on any thin material up to 12-inches wide in a continuous roll without the need for a matte underneath it, and the included eCraftshop software allows you to either design your own patterns and graphics, or import an SVG file exported from your favorite ‘illustrating’ application. It’s also able to draw thanks to a marker tip integrated into the cutting head, and from what we saw the cut results were as crisp and smooth as if someone had used a fresh hobby knife. Available some time in the next couple of months for ~$300.

[ eCraft Electronic Paper Cutter ]

[CES 2011] Nike’s TomTom Powered GPS SportWatch

Nike+ SportWatch GPS (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Realizing that not everyone likes to jog or run with an iPod strapped to their arm, Nike has created a new watch that works in tandem with their in-shoe Nike+ Sensor and provides the same functionality already built-into the iPods and their iPhone app. The advantage to using this watch though is that it’s not only waterproof, but it also features TomTom GPS hardware built-in. So while it’s keeping track of your steps via the in-shoe sensor, it’s also tracking where they’ve been taken, allowing your route to be analyzed on the website. And in order to keep things simple and battery life as lengthy as possible, the watch syncs to your PC, and the Nike+ website, via a USB connector integrated into the watch strap.

The watch sports an inverted monochrome LCD display and a robust UI that’s easy to navigate via a couple of buttons on the side of the case. And besides just keeping track of how far you’ve run and where you’ve been, the watch will also compare your performance against past results to let you know if you’ve improved, and of course will even nag you when you haven’t gotten out for a bit of exercise in a while. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS will be available on April 1, and while not specified, we were told that pricing should be comparable to other GPS-equipped watches already on the market.

[ Nike+ SportWatch GPS ]

[CES 2011] Electroluminescent Induction Powered Cereal Boxes? I Might Just Buy Into This Eating Breakfast Fad

Electroluminescent Induction Powered Cereal Box (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

At this year’s Pepcom Digital Experience, Fulton Innovation, makers of the fine eCoupled wireless induction charging solutions, were showing off unique applications for the technology. The one that caught our eyes? Glowing electroluminescent cereal boxes! Hey General Mills, you be the first one to actually get something like this on store shelves and I guarantee your Honey Nut Cheerios sales will go through the roof. If only because we’ll buy them all up.

[CES 2011] Casio Reveals The TRYX Up Their Sleeve

Casio TRYX (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

At the start of their press conference today Casio said they’d be revolutionizing the digital camera market with a new P&S model. And while the industry hasn’t been completely shaken to its core by their new TRYX, I still think it’s going to be a very popular choice among consumers. The 12.1MP, back-illuminated CMOS sensor-equipped camera boasts a clever variable frame design which lets you do everything from propping it up on a desk to holding it like a camcorder for extra stability to even hanging it on a wall.

Casio TRYX (Image property OhGizmo!)

At just 0.59 inches thick it feels only slightly larger than a smartphone, and the majority of the body is composed of a 3-inch 460K pixel LCD display, with all of the controls integrated into its touchscreen UI. It also captures full 1080P HD video and even high speed clips up to 240fps if you’re willing to settle for a resolution of just 432×320. While the models on display after their press conference weren’t functional, the video demos of the TRYX also showed off a streamlined UI with clever features like a region-specific motion sensor shutter so if you were taking a self-groupshot for example you could snap the pic simply by waving your hand in the corner of the frame. Available in April for $249.99.

[ Casio TRYX ]

[CES 2011] Dexim Santom’s Visible G Replacement iPhone Charger

Dexim Santom's Visible G Replacement iPhone Charger (Image property OhGizmo! & Dexim Santom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless they’re already gung-ho on saving the planet, it’s hard to make eco-friendly products seem exciting to the average consumer. But Dexim Santom’s replacement iPhone charger, which stops drawing power from an outlet once your iPod or iPhone is topped off, manages to catch your attention. It promises to reduce unnecessary standby power drain by up to 85%, but most people will only care about its eye-catching electroluminescent cord which has a glowing marching ants effect that shows the power flowing from the outlet to your device.

When your device is completely drained the animated effect runs at a fast pace, but it slows down once the charge level reaches 65% so you know when it’s more than half-charged. And once it’s completely charged, the glowing cord shuts off completely. Of course you may be wondering why an eco-friendly charging alternative wastes energy with a glowing effect, but according to the company’s reps the electroluminescent effect is a by-product of the power already flowing through the cable. Expect it to be available sometime in march for $39.99.

[ Dexim Santom’s Visible G iPhone Charger ]

[CES 2011] GM’s OnStar Now Available On Non-GM Vehicles Thanks To Their New OnStar Equipped Replacement Rearview Mirror

OnStar Standalone Rearview Mirror (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Wow, I can’t say I ever saw this one coming. After the company’s restructuring, General Motors realized the value of their OnStar service and has been trying to find new ways to further take advantage of the brand. This has led to smartphone apps letting users interact and monitor their vehicles, and new services integrating OnStar with social networks like Facebook. But today the General revealed just how far they want to expand the OnStar brand by introducing an OnStar-equipped standalone rearview mirror that can be installed in older GM vehicles, or more surprisingly, non-GM vehicles.

That’s right! If you’ve ever used the Sync system in your Ford and wished it had all the bells and whistles that OnStar does, your wish has come true. For $299, plus installation which is expected to run between $75 and $100, you can have your rearview mirror professionally replaced so that your vehicle can take advantage of the more popular OnStar features like turn-by-turn navigation, voice control, vehicle recovery, crash and emergency response and even hands-free calling. Of course some of the more advanced integration seen with GM’s current vehicle lineup isn’t available with this solution, but if you really want them just go buy a GM vehicle. In addition to the cost of the mirror and installation, there are also monthly or annual fees for the OnStar service which start at $18.95/month and go up to $199/year.

[ OnStar ]

[CES 2011] iHome iDM70 Sound Sleeve iPad Folio

iHome iDM70 Sound Sleeve iPad Folio (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well it’s no surprise that so far CES has already had more than its fair share of tablet announcements and reveals, not to mention a seemingly never-ending supply of accessories for the existing players on the market, like the iPad. So you might be thinking to yourself, another iPad folio OhGizmo!? Borrrring! But you know that’s not how we roll here on the OG.

When I happened upon the iDM70 at iHome’s booth today I noticed there was something different about this folio case, and that would be a built-in set of rechargeable stereo speakers. But since it uses those super-flat NXT panel speakers, the ‘Sound Sleeve’ really doesn’t look or feel any thicker than the other folio cases already on the market. A lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged via a built-in USB cable, provides the power, and the speakers connect to your iPad via its headphone jack, so volume is managed with the iPad’s standard controls. The case can also be reconfigured into one of six different positions depending on how you want to use it, but that feature is probably a given at this point.

[ iHome ]

[CES 2011] Sculpted eers Custom Molded Earphones You Can Make Yourself In Just 4 Minutes

Sonofit PCS-100 Custom Molded Earphones (Images property OhGizmo! & Sonomax)
By Andrew Liszewski

Outside of musicians, performers and audiophiles, there hasn’t really been a push to get custom-fitted earphones into consumer’s hands. Yes, there are services that will make them for you, and they don’t quite cost a king’s ransom. But the process is complicated requiring you to make a mold of your ear by yourself, or visit someone who will do it for you. And that’s the part of the process that a Montreal-based company called Sonomax is trying to eliminate.

While you won’t be able to run out to the store and buy them anytime soon, today the company was showing off their Sculpted eers custom molded earphone system which can be made by anyone, by themselves, in just 4 minutes. The process looks fairly simple and straightforward too. The default silicone tips on the earphones are very soft and can be inflated like a balloon, but instead of pumping them full of air the headband fills them with a soft solution that fills your ear canal. So when they solidify after 4 minutes you’re left with a perfect fitting pair of custom earphones which provide better sound isolation than even the most expensive generic pairs you can buy.

[ Sonomax Sculpted eers Custom Molded Earphones ]

[CES 2011] Black & Decker’s Vertical iShred

Black & Decker BD-VS600 (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Who knew that paper shredders could be a thing of beauty? CES 2011 is officially underway, and one of the first things to catch our eye at CES Unveiled was Black & Decker’s new iShred paper shredder. Besides sporting a retro-futuristic design with a glossy white plastic finish, the shredding slot is located on the front in a vertical orientation, which as far as I can tell only serves to keep the whole thing slim.

It’s a cross-cut shredder so all of your private docs end up as little bits of confetti, and everything falls into an easily accessible bin on the bottom which is contoured towards the top making it easier to empty without spilling little bits of paper. The size of the shredder makes me think it’s better suited to larger office environments rather than the home, but since the shredding head is fully enclosed you won’t have to worry about anyone, like little kids, from accidentally getting hurt. $99.99, available now in select stores.

[ Black & Decker iShred Vertical Shredder ]