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Girls Are A**holes, At Least These Ones In This Fictional Bar Are

Or maybe not even. This is normal human behaviour, we think… And to be fair, guys can be a**holes too, so don’t take this to heart. But this editor was in tears by the end of this clip. From laughter, of course.

The link to tech? None whatsoever. Or maybe guys like tech, and guys will like this, so… there? Yeah… No, but really, we’re only showing you this because it’s brilliant and we think you guys will get a kick out of it.

VIA [ TheAwesomer ]

Viral Video Awesomeness: Dude Does 31 South Park Impressions in Two Minutes

South Park Parody

South Park is one animated show that’s definitely not safe for children–no duh, considering it’s labeled as an “adult animated sitcom.” Featuring often crude storylines that parody real-life people and events, the show’s got it all: sort-of lessons, celebrity cameos, the occasional song, and a whole lot of humor.

As with most animated shows, a lot of vocalists come in to record their parts on the show. But if one day, the producers wake up to find that most of their cast is missing (well, it could happen)–then they know who to call: Brock Baker.

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It’s Funny: Gaming, Then And Now

By David Ponce

Ain’t that the truth…

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Sports “Pr0n” Button

By David Ponce

I have a Romanian friend who’ll get a kick out of this. See, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great product and everything, but what really sets it apart is a snazzy “Porn” button. While awesome (and incredibly juvenile… lulz), pressing it won’t take you, well… where you might think. In fact, a closer inspection of the above picture might alert you to the fact that this particular Galaxy Tab is not in English. In fact, it is set to Romanian, and in that language the word “Start” translates to “Pornire”. The device shortens it, and young adults everywhere giggle a little.

[ Mobilissimo (Romanian site on Google Translate) ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]