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Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner

By Jonathan Kimak

Here’s a story I’ll share even though it will make me seem a tad stupid. I wear glasses(I gave up contacts long ago because of the daily hassle) and always had trouble keeping them clean. The sprays and special cloths didn’t work as much as I’d like, so one day I thought of a brilliant idea to keep the glasses really clean. I used Gojo, the orange pumice soap to remove some tough paint stains from the glasses. The glasses came clean and I began using Gojo regularly. That is until I had scratched the glasses so much that I finally noticed it and realized how dumb I had been.

So this little machine might be the thing for me since it means my newest pair of glasses won’t be touched by anything.

The Ultrasonic Eyeglass cleaner cleans glasses(and jewelry, CDs and many other items) by emitting sound waves at 42,000 Hz. The sound waves knock off all the dust and dirt leaving your glasses nice and clean and scratch free. There are multiple time settings and three power levels. And the cleaning box is large enough to hold two pairs of glasses.

You can order this online for $69.95 (Embarassing story not included).

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