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Pizza Hut Launches Box That Turns Into A Projector


We’re not sure who is coming up with marketing ideas at Pizza Hut, or even if it’s all the same person, but we’re impressed. Because to their pizzas with Cheeseburgers, Meat Pies, and Hot Dogs in the crust, you can now add another innovation: the Blockbuster Box, a pizza box that turns into a projector. The box, once emptied of its delicious content, lets you place your smartphone inside, at the ideal distance from an included lens. This lens comes attached to the plastic device that prevents the box from getting crushed in transit. The plastic device itself doubles as the phone stand. So all you have to do is poke the precut hole in the front, fit the lens, prop your phone up inside, and aim at your screen (which could simply be your wall!). There’s a code on the side for customers to scan and unlock viewable content, should there be nothing interesting on their devices.

The Blockbuster Box is the work of Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Group HK and their Chief Creative Officer Reed Collins, and comes in four styles: “from the horror themed Slice Night, sci-fi spectacle Anchovy Armageddon, bizarrely romantic Hot and Ready, and the thrilling Fully Loaded.” It’s Hong Kong only at the moment, but we suspect this may become popular enough to spread worldwide.


[ Reed Collins ] VIA [ MikeShouts ]

Boomerang Wok Helps You Keep Your Food From Flying Around


It’s entirely possible that you stopped yourself from ever making any recipes that required sautéing, like many Asian dishes, because you were worried about ending up with all your food on the floor. There is a certain technique to tossing your stuff around in a hot pan, and we can’t entirely blame you for being afraid. But look at the Boomerang Wok! Doesn’t it make you want to give it another shot? The special cupped edge lets you turn food with a simple push of the pan, making sure that whatever gets tossed in the air always lands back inside. The Teflon-coated surface is non-stick, and the whole thing can go in the over at temperatures up to 320F. It’s a little on the expensive side however, at $133. At that price, we might be tempted to make an effort at actually learning how to stir-fry properly.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ DudeIWantThat ]

Table Made From Magnetic Levitating Cubes

floating-tableEver on the lookout for unique and innovative furniture, we’re intrigued by Rock Paper Robot’s Float Table. It’s made from a matrix of wooden cubes with strong magnets embedded within. The magnetic forces repel the cubes from one another, but a series of steel guide wires keep everything in place. This gives the table a solid appearance while undisturbed, and a wobbly look when touched. We’re not sure how stable a table it is, and placing a wine glass down on it might be a dicey proposition. But it sure is a talking piece that anyone with money will be more than happy to have in his living quarters. We say ‘people with money’ because it’s one of those pieces with no advertised price, placing it squarely in the “if you have to ask” camp.

Edit: A reader informs us that the table is $10,000 and is available here.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ io9 ]

The Multi Is A Swiss Army Wallet


It’s called the Multi and it’s a wallet made from a sandwich of die-cut Aluminum or Titanium plates. But its wallet duties are kind of a sideshow to everything else it does:

It can also be used as a flat or Phillips head screwdriver, a nested wrench (in SAE or metric), a two-inch ruler, a bottle opener, a twist top opener, a wing nut wrench, a smartphone tablet stand, a can top popper, a box opener, and a keychain.

Using it as a smartphone or tablet stand will require a few steps. The middle piece keeps the tablet propped up, and the credit card on the inside sticks out to keep the tablet or smartphone in place while the device is in use.

It’s also RFID blocking and TSA approved. The fully-funded Kickstarter campaign will allow you to pre-order an Aluminum version for $40 or a Titanium one for $75, with delivery in July of this year.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

3Doodler Pen Lets You Draw Objects In The Air, Destroys Kickstarter Goal


We truly feel that this product is awesome. No… freaking awesome! The 3Doodler is a special pen with which you can actually draw a 3D figure in the air. You can, as the company says, “lift your imagination off the page.” If you can wave your finger in the air to trace something, you can use the 3Doodler. At the press of a button, it melts and extrudes the same kind of plastic filament used in 3D printers, which hardens immediately, leaving a solid line of plastic which you can then connect to others you’ve already placed. Draw up, down, in circles… it doesn’t matter. The plastic is surprisingly solid once laid, and can support intricate designs. The kind of designs that result are very similar to that of wire artists, and in fact the company is partnering with successful Etsy wire artists to showcase what the device can do.

If you think you won’t know how to use this, there are also stencils you can use to draw building blocks to more intricate structures, like the Eiffel tower pictured above. And the best part in all this? The cost: $75 gets you a pen, along with 2 bags of plastic. A bag contains ten 1ft. strands, which makes about 11ft. of filaments.

Is it exciting? Yes, and the project has gone viral. Barely 24 hours old, they’ve blown past their $30,000 funding goal 33 times over as of this writing. But it’s still not too late to order yours with delivery in time for the Holidays.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ The Verge ]

Helium Filled Balls Bounce Over 75 Feet

By David Ponce

The SkyBall is a toy that consists of a 4 inch ball filled with Helium. The fact that it’s got a buoyant gas within means that it doesn’t behave like a regular bouncy ball, instead bouncing up to 75 feet just by being thrown on the ground. The gas is sealed within the plastic body of the ball and the balance between the weight of the plastic vs. the volume of gas inside means that it gets just enough lift to produce fantastic bounces, but not enough for it to wander off into the sunset. Reviews are raving, incidentally.

You get two for $20.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BookOfJoe ]

From Concept To Reality: Self-Inflating Bicycle Tires

By David Ponce

With the advent of Kickstarter, a lot of previously unfeasible ideas(due to lack of capital) are now hitting the marketplace. Kickstarter is a distributed funding platform, and if a product gains enough momentum usually it can get reach its funding goals. Today we look at something that has only a rough prototype in the pipeline (call it a proof-of-concept device) but could have a lot of potential if funded: self-inflating bicycle tires made by a nascent company called Pumptire. This is my understanding of how they’d work. On the outer edge of the tire, there’s a hollow tube called a lumen. As you roll, this tube is compressed, like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube. Ahead of the point of contact with the ground, in the lumen, is compressed air which goes into the tire through a special valve. Behind the point of contact is a vacuum, which draws more air in through another part of this special valve. It is this valve which also senses when the correct inner pressure has been reached and stops drawing in more air. You’ll never need to “top-up” your tires with air again!

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Exhaust Air Jack Lifts Your Car With Ease

By Luke Anderson

Getting a flat tire on your car always sucks. I don’t care where you are, it’s never fun to change a tire. Usually the worst part is actually trying to jack your car up so you can take off the wheel. Usually you’ll find the worst excuse for a car jack known to man in your trunk. You know the kind, they have some kind of rod that you have to twist about three hundred times, then you get to do it all again when you’re done changing the tire. I believe I’ve found the coolest jack ever.

This Exhaust Air Jack is a work of pure genius. It is a big orange bag which you set underneath your vehicle. There is a hose coming out of it which you connect to the exhaust of your car. In about 30 seconds the bag will have inflated enough to raise your car up off the ground. There’s even a one-way valve to prevent air loss if you decide to turn off your vehicle This will work on just about any surface, which isn’t the same for traditional jacks. I’d say that $129.99 for one of these would be money well spent.

[ AJPrindle ] VIA [ SlipperyBrick ]

Inflight Power Recharger Uses Your Seat’s Headphone Jack

Inflight Power Recharger (Image courtesy InflightPower)By Andrew Liszewski

This seems to be one of those gadgets that’s better in theory than in practice. The Inflight Power Recharger supposedly allows you to recharge any USB powered device when all you have access to is a headphone jack either on a plane, train or bus. The small device works like a ‘charge pump’ which stores the low voltage from the headphone jack in a capacitor and then converts it into regulated USB power. While it may take a bit longer to recharge your gadgets with the Inflight Power the idea is it’s better than nothing.

Unfortunately though the folks at Wired’s Gadget Lab actually tried the device out on both a 757 and an A320 while traveling and both times it didn’t work as promised. Only when using a special test tone provided by the manufacturer that was playing off an iPod did it actually work and provide sufficient power through the USB connection. So it’s not surprising then the Inflight Power also holds a couple of AAA batteries that will boost the power from a headphone jack or will even recharge your toys if no jack is available.

The Inflight Power Recharger is available directly from their website and depending on what adapters you get it ranges in price from $34.99 for the base unit up to $49.99.

[ Inflight Power Recharger ] VIA [ Wired’s Gadget Lab ]