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Inink’s Playful Tees: Wear Your iPod on Your Shirt


Some people wear their hearts on their sleeve, but you can wear your iPod instead. It’s more than just a novelty, because this shirt by inink can actually come in handy, especially if you listen to music a lot. If you’ve never sprung for one of those iPod or iPhone armbands that let you run, jog, or do whatever it is you need to do with both hands, then this shirt is a fun alternative.

These shirts are part of inink’s “pocket series.” All of the shirts in this run come with a translucent, sealable pocket that lets you carry small-sized items like your iPod, phone, handkerchief, and even your wallet. Just make sure you’re in a safe neighborhood before parading around with your essentials highly visible on your chest, though.

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Kii is One of the Smallest iDevice Chargers You’ll Ever Use

Accessory Charger

Nothing is more annoying than going on a trip out of town (or even just across the town) and having your phone or table die out on you. You could get one of those portable, external batteries for some instant extra juice, or you can get the Kii accessory charger instead.

The Kii is a teeny tiny accessory charger that connects and syncs your iDevice with your laptop or portable charger. There’s a Lightning connector version and one with the 30-pin connector that works with older iPhones. It’s especially convenient since its small size lets you attach it to your keychain so you can easily take it with you on your travels.

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RadioVault is an iPod Dock and Safe In One


Stuff like the RadioVault is really ingenious for keeping your valuable stuff safe and out of the prying eyes and hands of would-be burglars. It looks like your typical iPod dock on the outside, complete with a LED display that shows off the current time and what day of the week it is. But on the inside, it’s a stealthy safe that provides you with some secure storage space for your big ticket items.

Now you can just keep them in your regular safe, but if you wear or use these items regularly, then that option might not be so convenient. The fingerprint-activated safe is made to look like the dock’s speakers, so people who aren’t in the know won’t even think to look there.

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Bluelounge MiniDock Gets Your Charging iDevice Off The Floor

Bluelounge MiniDock (Images courtesy Bluelounge)
By Andrew Liszewski

While not necessarily ideal for every situation (what if you wanted to play a motion controlled game while charging?) Bluelounge’s new MiniDock is a simple solution if you’ve ever had to (worriedly) leave your iPhone or iPod sitting on the floor while taking advantage of an available outlet.

It replaces the USB <-> dock connector cable with a miniature docking cradle that perches your iDevice right next to the outlet. Not only does it keep it off the ground where it can get stepped on, or off a desk where it could fall, but it also allows for hands-free usage in certain situations. Like say when used above a kitchen counter for listening to music, or watching recipe videos, while cooking. And it’s available in US, UK and EU versions, for just $19.95.

[ Bluelounge MiniDock ] VIA [ iLounge ]

Black Light iPhone Dock Bridges 1970’s Technology With Modern Toys

Black Light in Stereo iPhone Dock (Image courtesy The Sharper Image)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sharper Image you’ve done it again! Your random Mad Libs style approach to product design (An iPhone dock with a built-in _________) has led to this mashup of classic 1970’s-era lighting with modern gadgetry. Called the Black Light in Stereo this awkward 4-foot long dock has a set of stereo speakers located at each end, bridged by a long, thin black light in-between that can either be left on steady, set to pulse or even react to the music being played with a ‘Music Response’ mode. It’s of course compatible with iPods as well as the iPhone, and it’s just $149.99 for the opportunity to purposely expose yourself to increased levels of ultraviolet light while rocking out!

[ Black Light in Stereo iPhone Dock ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

Frieling JOY Kitchen Scale With A Built-In iPod Dock – Sure, Why Not?

Frieling JOY Kitchen Scale (Images courtesy Frieling)
By Andrew Liszewski

I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little background music while cooking, and no one likes a unitasker in the kitchen, so Frieling, makers of some clever kitchen scales we’ve brought you before, have recently introduced the JOY to their lineup.

As kitchen scales go it’s pretty run of the mill with the ability to display weights in ounces or grams, but in terms of design it scores some high points. The weighing surface is made of stylish, see-through safety glass which exposes a fairly large speaker sitting underneath. I’m a little worried about food stuffs dripping down below though, or into the iPod/iPhone docking port, and it looks like it gobbles up quite a bit of counter space when not in use. But if your kitchen is the center of high-techery in your home, you can get one from Amazon for $99.99.

[ Frieling JOY Kitchen Scale ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

OhGizmo! Review – HEX Original Watch Band For The iPod Nano 6G

HEX Original Watch Band For The iPod Nano 6G (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sometimes a product becomes incredibly popular for a reason not originally intended by the manufacturer. It’s often referred to as its ‘killer app’ and for the latest generation iPod Nano the inclusion of a simple analog clock on the lock screen meant that it could double as a fairly capable, albeit chunky, watch. And so from the day it was announced the race was on for third-party accessory makers to come up with the perfect watch band solution.

While the HEX definitely wasn’t the first Nano watch band to hit market, I still think it’s one of the best options you can buy right now. And that’s talking from experience, having tried and tested countless other Nano watch band alternatives at CES this year. And trust me, there were plenty to be tested. So if you want to know why the HEX is worth your $29.95 (plus the cost of the iPod Nano 6G) check out my full review after the jump.

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Nomad Touchscreen Friendly Paintbrush Now Available

Nomad Touchscreen Friendly Paintbrush (Images courtesy NomadBrush LLC)
By Andrew Liszewski

A lot of users see the iPad’s large touchscreen as a blank canvas waiting to be filled, but for painters, using a finger or even a traditional stylus just doesn’t provide the same experience as a brush on canvas. So after grappling with those inferior options available to him, architect/artist/inventor Don Lee was inspired to create the Nomad Brush.

Instead of regular bristles made from something like sable hair, the Nomad uses a blend of natural and conductive fibers, allowing it to be detected by the iPad’s capacitive touchscreen. So while technically any device with a capacitive touch screen will work with the brush, at the moment the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch are probably your best bets given the large collection of painting and sketching apps available in the iTunes App Store.

At the moment the Nomad Brushes are all hand-made from the aforementioned natural and synthetic fibers with a carbon and walnut wood handle, and as a result will set you back $24 each. But they look like a piece of art in and of themselves, so as far as I’m concerned even at that price they’re a steal.

[ Nomad Brush ] VIA [ TUAW ]

iCorkz Protect Your iPhone’s Open Ports

iCorkz (Images courtesy iCorkz)
By Andrew Liszewski

So Apple’s stance on water damage vs. warranties has become a little grey as of late, but that doesn’t mean you should be any less cautious about getting your iPhone or iPod wet. It’s still a sensitive piece of electronics that just doesn’t play well with H20. And water’s not the only hazard. I don’t know how many times I’ve troubleshooted an iPhone with a malfunctioning headphone port that was resolved by just fishing out a piece of pocket lint trapped in there.

So while they’re maybe a bit excessive, these iCorkz look like a sure fire way to keep moisture and other crud out of your iDevice. Made from premium grade high-polymer silicone and organic polyurethane the iCorkz come in two versions for protecting the dock connector and headphone port, and are “precision uni-die molded for a perfect fit with no unsightly mold lines.” At $9.95 + $4 shipping they’re not exactly cheap, but if you’re really worried about those moisture sensors voiding your warranty, I guess you can look at it as a little extra bit of insurance.

[ iCorkz ] VIA [ Gadget Review ]