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Deal of The Day: 9% Off On Brik Book for MacBook


There are many ways to customize your laptop. The Brik Book for MacBook is one of the more creative ones.

Brik Book is a unique MacBook case that dares to be different. While it isn’t affiliated with LEGOs or K’NEX (or any other building blocks like them), it’s compatible with them! Take a break from work and play for a few minutes—it’ll help with your creativity and thinking out of the box, right?. Or, switch up your display whenever you feel like it, with sports team logos or a even a holder for your business cards. You’ll be the coolest kid on the (cubicle) block.

– Express your personality w/ a DIY laptop case
– Play w/ the bricks to take a breather from work
– Use plastic bricks from companies like LEGO, Mega Bloks, Pixel Blocks, KRE-O & K’NEX
– Make your laptop recognizable from across the room
– Create a business-ready laptop w/ a business-card holder & pen holder add-ons
– Entertain kids without too much screen time

Normally retailing for $50, it’s $44.99 after today’s deal.


[ Get The Brik Book for MacBook ]

Cosby Adds Modular I/O Ports To Your New MacBook


One USB-C port for everything… Brilliant. Just brilliant… But if you’re, I dunno, a normal person who might want to connect your brand new MacBook to your TV while it charges for instance, the One Port solution just won’t do. There are thus quite a few solutions to this problem on the market, the Infinite USB being a popular one. Another new one is Cusby, the “First USB-C Modular & Expandable Adapter”. It consists of 3 modules that each feature both a male and female USB-C port, as well as a Power charger, USB-A and HDMI connector. You can use one, two, or all three at the same time, in a daisy chain, adding functionality as you need it. There are plans to expand the line to include Thunderbolt, Display Port and Ethernet, and more. It’ll cost you a $75 pledge to get the first three, instead of the expected $100 retail price.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ MikeShouts ]

Hub+ Is The Only Hub Your New MacBook Will Ever Need


The new MacBook looks great, but you pay a price for its looks. Aside from its less-than-stellar computing performance, it also comes with only one USB-C port, which can make life complicated for anyone who’s, well, normal. And even though we wrote about a port hub before, we’re much more interested in the Hub+. That’s because it’s designed to look like it belongs with your Macbook, unlike the HydraDock. Connect it to your MacBook’s only USB-C port, and instantly gain access to the following:

– 2 USB-C ports
– 1 SDXC card reader
– 1 mini DisplayPort (mDP 1.2 video output, 4k displays at 60Hz refresh rate)
– 3 USB-A \ charging ports
– Built-in lithium ion 400mAh battery to charge ANY phone

And of course you can use it to charge and power your MacBook while you’re doing stuff with all these ports, since the company includes a USB-C to USB-C cord to connect the Hub+ to your laptop. It’s a $79 pledge, with a July 2015 delivery.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ The Awesomer ]

Deal Of The Day: 25% Off On HyperDrive MacBook Storage Expander + 8gb MicroSD Card


Your MacBook, especially if it’s an Air, has fairly limited storage. You can do a few things to deal with this, such as be very selective about the things you keep on your hard drive, and deleting old, unused files. But if you’ve done all that and are still running out, you can expand your memory fairly easily with the HyperDrive MacBook Storage Expander. It fits right into your MacBook’s SD card slot, and contains a MicroSD card of any capacity. It accepts any microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC (including 128GB) memory card, and has a brushed Aluminum finish for a perfect, flush appearance. Your MacBook will look stock, but will have up to 128GB of extra storage, just like that. It’s $29, down from $40, and comes with an 8GB card.

[ Get The HyperDrive MacBook Storage Expander ]

Leather Lined Wooden Laptop Case

Leather Lined Wooden Laptop Case (Images courtesy Rainer Spehl)
By Andrew Liszewski

We know the feeling, you’ve just dropped a cool grand on a brand new MacBook, but the only options at the Apple Store for protecting your investment are uninspired neoprene and microfiber sleeves. So if you can hold off for a few days, or more likely a few weeks, you can contact Rainer Spehl who’ll make you one of these truly impressive wooden sleeves complete with a leather lined interior. If you think it looks expensive then your instincts are spot-on since the largest version, which accommodates a 17-inch MacBook, will set you back almost $350 (€260) plus an extra ~$60 for shipping if you live outside of Europe.

[ Rainer Spehl’s Leather Lined Wooden Laptop Case ] VIA [ Freshome ]

BassJump Subwoofer Complements Your MacBook’s Built-in Speakers

BassJump (Image courtesy Twelve South)
By Andrew Liszewski

The built-in speakers on the Apple MacBooks aren’t that bad, though like with most laptops, they don’t reproduce the mid to low frequencies as well as a home stereo would. So the BassJump is essentially a portable subwoofer specifically designed for the MacBook that complements its built-in speakers with a bit of extra bass. It connects to the laptop with a single USB cable which is also used for power, and it includes its own software which blends the sound coming from the MacBook’s speakers with the bass coming from the subwoofer to produce an overall fuller, richer sound. $79.99 from Twelve South.

[ BassJump ] VIA [ swissmiss ]

BookArk Keeps Your MacBook Looking Stylish When Hooked To A Monitor


By Chris Scott Barr

It’s rather apparent that Apple tends to spend a lot of time crafting their products to be appealing to the eye. Even if you’re not a Mac fan, you have to admit that they look good. As such, a lot of Mac users will go out of their way to make sure that their workspace looks just as good as the computer they’re using. If you’re one of those people, and you tend to use your MacBook as your primary desktop, then you might find some appeal in this BookArc.

This BookArc is a stand for your MacBook (regular, Air and Pro all work) that keeps it out of the way while it is hooked up to an external monitor. Since Apple places all ports on one side, you can situate it so that all of your cables are hidden and out of the way. If you only desire to use a single monitor, and are obsessed with style, then this $50 plastic stand might be for you. Personally, I can never have enough monitors, so I prefer a stand that actually lets me use the built-in screen.

[ TwelveSouth ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Just Mobile MacBook Cooling Bar – In Rod We Trust

Just Mobile Cooling Bar For MacBook (Images courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Having trouble with your aluminum MacBook getting too warm? For just $41.22 from Amazon you can solve the problem with the Just Mobile Cooling Bar, or as I and the rest of the world like to call it, a machined aluminum rod. On the plus side it matches the MacBook’s finish, give or take, has a series of rubber grip rings to protect it from scratching the underside and even features “convenient cable management” which as far as I can tell is really just a notch cut into one end of the rod. But on the downside it costs $42 and people like me will make fun of you if we see you using it in public.

[ Just Mobile Cooling Bar ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]