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Free Peek 9 Upgrades To All Current Peek Owners

By Chris Scott Barr

Last month Peek launched their latest piece of hardware, dubbed the Peek 9. The device had more functionality, and higher speeds than the older ones. This was great for those looking to have a smartphone without the phone. Unfortunately for owners of older Peek hardware, it seems the 9 uses a different carrier entirely (which may be why it is faster). As for the old carrier? Well they shut down.

Owners of the older hardware were no doubt upset to find this out. Thankfully, the people at Peek know how to take care of their customers. How you ask? They’re offering a free upgrade to the latest hardware for everyone that owns a Classic or Pronto device. If you have one of these and haven’t gotten an email from Peek, just shoot a message to and they’ll take care of you.

[ Peek ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Sony Ericsson Announces New Motion Activated Earbuds


By Chris Scott Barr

You don’t exactly see a lot of innovation in the world of earbuds. Sure, a company might make some that sound particularly awesome, or feel a little more comfortable than others. Heck, in-line controls are probably the most advanced thing you’ll see these days. Well Sony Ericsson has created a new technology which they hope will revolutionize the way we use earbuds.

Sony Ericsson’s new MH907 earbuds allow you to control your music in a very unique way. Just pop in both buds and your music will automatically start playing. Take one (or both) out, and the song will pause. If you get a phone call, insert one of the buds to answer, and take it back out to hang up. The features only work with skin contact, so you don’t accidentally answer your phone while the earbuds are in your pocket or anything.

The MH907 earbuds are a little expensive (depending on the quality, as I’ve seen some pretty pricey high-end ones) coming in at $55 when they go on sale later this week. The biggest pitfall I see is  that you’ll need a Sony Ericsson phone with a fast port connector in order to use these.  Hit the jump for one of the craziest commercials I’ve seen in a little while, depicting these earbuds.

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Huawei E5 Converts 3G Signal To WiFi


By David Ponce

We’re running on translated information with scant details but our understanding is that the Chinese Huawei E5 allows you to convert your 3G GSM signal into a WiFi signal. It’s also allegedly the world’s first to do this. This means you could turn it into a mobile hotspot and allow the connection of any nearby wireless devices. So instead of tethering your one laptop to your cell to access the Internet, you use this to create a hotspot and connect via WiFi using any device you like.

Detailed specs include:

    Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
    EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850 MHz
    MicroSD card: up to 32G

Sadly no details on pricing or availability, but these Chinese products have a knack of making their way here sooner or later.

[ Article (Translated) ] VIA [ Cloned In China ]

Use Your Bike To Recharge Your iPhone (And Other Gadgets)


By Chris Scott Barr

When I was a teenager, I used to ride my bike everywhere. Sure, that changed once I got a car, but for a couple of years that bike got me everywhere. Since I rode it at night, I had a little light on the front which was powered by a small generator. I’ve often wondered why we don’t use our bikes to power other things. After all, you don’t need to power a light during the day. I’m apparently not the only one who wonders about these things, as evidenced by the latest gadget from Dahon.

The BioLogic FreeCharge is a nifty little device that hooks up to a bike equipped with a dyno hub, and allows you to charge USB devices. The FreeCharge is built around a small battery, which is used to regulate the power output of the dyno hub (which would otherwise damage sensitive electronics). A single USB port allows you to hook up any number of devices, and charge it while you’re peddling down the street. This $99 gadget probably wouldn’t be good for the occasional rider, but if you spend a couple of hours a day on your bike, it would be a worthwhile investment. Look for it on sale sometime next March

[ Dahon ] VIA [ BikeHugger ]

SolCHAT Hands-Free System Recharges Via Solar Power


By Chris Scott Barr

Having a hands-free kit in your car can make a huge difference when talking on the phone and driving. Not only does it free up both hands for steering (and shifting), but I’ve noticed that I pay more attention to the road when using one. Unfortunately such a device doesn’t do you much good if it dies. That’s why the SolCHAT was created.
This particular hands-free kit gets it juice from the sun’s rays. Since you situate it on the windshield of your car, you’re very likely to get a pretty good charge throughout the day. Of course if your car sits in a garage or covered parking space, it might not do as well. Otherwise, you should be good. The SolCHAT features an audio Caller ID function as well as DSP echo cancellation. You can pick one of these up for right around $100.

[ SkyMall ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Extend Your MacBook’s Battery With The HyperMac


By Chris Scott Barr

There’s nothing quite like running out of juice on your laptop when you’re in the middle of something very important and far from an outlet. Many road warriors will pack a spare battery for just such times. However, what if you don’t want to remove your battery (making you shut down your laptop or plug it in) or want more than just two batteries worth of use? If you’re using a MacBook of any kind, you turn to the HyperMac.

The HyperMac line of external batteries are a useful tool for any frequent traveler with a MacBook. While they might be a little larger in size than your spare battery, it does much more than just give you double the running time. First, they come in varying sizes, allowing you to run your laptop for up to 6x as long as it would with a single battery charge. Each one also comes with a USB port that can be used to charge any USB device (including your iPhone) while simultaneously powering your laptop. The HyperMac comes in four different sizes ranging from $200-$500 each.

[ HyperMac ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

OhGizmo! Review – Atrio M8 Earphones


By Chris Scott Barr

I spend a great deal of time sitting at my desk, which also means that I’m usually listening to music for a good portion of the day. In fact, unless I’m reading or watching TV, I’ve almost always got some tunes going. When it comes to my iPhone, I’ve still been using those same earbuds that Apple sent along in the box. They’re alright, but certainly not the best things out there. I suppose it’s laziness more than anything that has stopped me from upgrading. Needless to say, I was happy to see the Atrio M8 earphones from Future Sonics show up for review.

These aren’t the crappy earphones that you’re going to find at Walmart. Rather, they are considered “professional” grade audio equipment. The real question is whether or not they live up to the claims, and the $200 price tag. Read on for my full review, and I’ll give you my answer.

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Throat Microphone Might Work Better Than A Headset, But It’s Still Ugly


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve yet to figure out just what it is about Bluetooth headsets that just instantly make you look like a douche, but I do my best to steer clear of anyone wearing one. I mean, if you’re just standing there talking one one in the street, you look crazy. If you’re wearing one around everywhere, then it looks like you’re some big hotshot that gets all sorts of important phone calls. Use it when you’re in the car, or when you’re at your desk working, otherwise take the damn thing off. Well thankfully there’s a new alternative to the Bluetooth headset; behold the Throat Microphone.

The logic behind this product can’t really be argued with. Rather than depending on a mic to pick up the vibrations that move out of your mouth, it sits up against your throat. The vibrations here are just as strong as the ones coming out of your mouth, only they’re pressed up against your skin, reducing background noise. Apparently SWAT teams already use a similar technology for this exact reason. I guess that those guys would probably know a lot about communication in high-noise areas. There’s no word on pricing or availability, but I can tell you right now that you’re going to look just as bad, if not worse than the guys with regular Bluetooth headsets.

[ Sanwa ] VIA [ Coolest-Gadgets ]

Charge Up Your Spare Eee PC Battery

By Luke Anderson

If you’re buying a netbook, chances are that you’re wanting to use it for prolonged periods. This also probably means that you’re spending a good deal of time away from an outlet. So what do you do when your battery is low and you’re still hours away from being able to charge it? You turn to that spare battery that you purchased. Of course, the thing about spare batteries is that they are very annoying to charge. First you have to charge your main battery, then you have to swap them out and charge the spare. Thankfully Eee PC owners have the option of getting a dedicated charger for that spare battery.

There really isn’t much to this little device. It’s very small (much like the Eee itself) and charges up your spare battery. Probably the best feature to note here is the minuscule price tag. A mere $23 is all you need.

[ GPSForLess ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]