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Kube 2 Player Released, Not An iPod

By David Ponce

All the cool kids are getting iPhones and iPods to play their music, and it turns out they’re all baristas too. Weird. But if you want none of this nonsense, there are other options. Lots, really. The Kube 2 is one of these. This little hexahedron stores its music in microSD cards, which go up to 32GB. It measures 1 inch on all sides and has a touch sensitive interface: “A quick swipe will allow the user to switch to the previous or next track. Placing a finger at the top or bottom of the Kube2 will raise or lower the volume, respectively.” The battery should be good for about 6 hours and if you get sick of the way it looks, you can purchase little stick-on skins for $4 a pop.

The best part is perhaps the price: $35.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Podio MP3 Player is the Bicyclists Friend


By Shane McGlaun

There are tons of bicyclists riding around my town. Typically, you see them in big groups clad in spandex and weaving in and out of traffic. Sometimes you see them in singles though and they are often wearing earphones. I always wonder how they will evade some wanker out to prove the point that the road is for cars if they can’t hear them coming with earphones on.

A new MP3 player from a Taiwanese firm allows bicyclists and other users to listen to music from a compact digital player that doesn’t require earphones or headphones. The device is called Podio and it crams the speaker, amp, and storage into a metal tube 88mm long that can connect to a bike’s handlebars.

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