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One-Handed Bottle-Opening Is A Thing Now With The Throttle Opener


The Throttle Opener is a small magnetic one-handed bottle opener. It automagically clasps your bottle cap and gives you just enough leverage to pop it out with your thumb. That’s it. That’s all it does. It’s one of those cool things to have when you’re drinking beer, because well, when you’re drinking enough of it you might find it entertaining. It’s a $19 pledge, and shipping could happen as soon as November.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ OddityMall ]

The WineOvation Is A Gun-Shaped Bottle Opener


We’re not sure who this is going to appeal to, aside from maybe the most fervent NRA members, but there you have it: a gun-shaped wine bottle opener. Yes, the WineOvation is a device meant to look exactly like a revolver, and whose only purpose is to open wine bottles. You unholster the thing, insert the bottle, and pull the trigger. The mechanism will slowly pull the cork out and stop when it’s done; pushing the trigger the other way will spit it back out. We suppose it’s worth a couple of comments from your guests the first time they see it, and for $40, we suspect it’s worth the novelty.


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Dual Bladed Clam Shell Opener Saves Your Fingers

ThinkGeek Dual Bladed EZ Clam Shell Opener (Image via ThinkGeek)
By Shane McGlaun

As a professional geek and connoisseur of all things gadget, video game and movie related I tend to get lots of stuff packed in clam shell packages. You know the type I mean, those virtually impenetrable pieces of plastic with the gadgety goodness nestled deep inside. I have tried all sorts of methods over the years to open them without bleeding to death from the resulting nicks and cuts from the plastic packaging once it rips with varying degrees of success.

ThinkGeek has a new gadget opening gadget that anyone like me needs to buy. The Dual Bladed EZ Clam Shell Opener is designed specifically for opening clam shells and other packages. In addition to opening clam shells, the device can open boxes and cut those pesky child-proof labels that hold CD and DVD cases closed. Grab one of these in preparation for all the cool stuff you will get this Christmas at ThinkGeek for a mere $4.99.

VIA [ ThinkGeek ]