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Sony Is Releasing A Golden PS3

By David Ponce

With prices of gold near record highs, don’t expect this to be coated with anything other than paint. Not to mention, this PS3 is not a custom mod but rather a real product Sony is releasing in Japan on March 1st to mark the release of One Piece: Kaizoku Musou. As you can see, aside from being golden, there’s a stenciled Luffy from One Piece on the console. Amateurs of manga will likely drool, everyone else will wonder why anyone would want this gaudy thing.

“Priced at ¥38,170 (US$489) and comes with a copy of the game and a 320GB PS3.”

VIA [ Kotaku ]

Review – Splitfish FRAGFX SHARK Gaming Mouse

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I was called into the office the other day, and was handed something I’d never laid eyes on before. What was handed to me was the Splitfish FRAGFX SHARK gaming controller for use with the PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac. I looked down in awe of just how cool the thing looked, and I imagine I looked back up with the eyes of the Nintendo kid on Christmas. I immediately rushed down to the gameplay area and set up to start testing the controller. The SHARK is meant to be used with FPS games mainly, and it does its job perfectly. Here’s my review of the Splitfish FRAGFX SHARK gaming controller, for your viewing pleasure.

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SNK Releasing A PS3 Compatible USB Version Of Their NEOGEO Gamepad

SNK NEOGEO Gamepad For PS3 (Image courtesy SNK)
By Andrew Liszewski

In order to let PS3 owners enjoy classes NEOGEO titles to their fullest extent, SNK is releasing a USB-equipped, Playstation-branded version of the original console’s classic controller. I never owned a NEOGEO, but according to ALBOTAS its controller featured the disc-shaped control stick pictured above which activated four micro-switches, instead of the more traditional D-pad that was popular at that time. It worked though, and apparently there is still a demand for it or SNK wouldn’t have created this modern update. It will be available in Japan starting December 9 for ~$37 (¥3,129) but those living elsewhere can snag one from Play-Asia for $44.90.


Disc-Free Streaming Coming To PS3

By Chris Scott Barr

The gaming world rejoiced when Netflix finally started streaming to first the Xbox 360, then PS3 and Wii. Unfortunately for owners of the latter two consoles, you were tied down to a disc if you wanted to take part in the service. Well for the PS3, you won’t have to mess with that much longer. Starting October 18th, you’ll be able to ditch the disc and stream your favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix.

That’s not the only new thing coming to the PS3. Apparently you’ll be able to stream some shows and movies as 1080i and/or have 5.1-channel surround sound. That’s something that not even the 360 can boast. Don’t worry though, it will be coming sometime in the future, though the company hasn’t said when.

[ Netflix ] VIA [ Engadget ]

GDC: Sony PlayStation Move Motion Control System


By Evan Ackerman

One of the biggest announcements at this year’s Game Developers Conference here in San Francisco is the Move, Sony’s new motion control system for the PlayStation. It’s generally similar to the Nintendo Wii, in that you hold a thingy, and something attached to the game console watches that thingy (in this case, it’s the PS Eye camera), and can tell where the thingy is being moved and translate that motion into in-game actions. Here’s the thingy in question:


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Netflix Streaming Coming To PS3’s Later This Year


By Chris Scott Barr

Back in August we told you that Microsoft had signed an exclusive deal with Netflix, making the 360 the only console which could stream their movies. Well it would seem that either the exclusive deal was carefully worded, or was only for a very short period of time. Why? Because the company just announced that later this year the PS3 will get a similar treatment.

That’s right, PS3 owners will soon be able to stream the very same movies to their console, with the added benefit of not needing to pay for something like Xbox Live Gold. The downside is that in order to stream the movies, you will need a special Blu-ray disc. This will be provided free of charge to all Netflix subscribers who request it. A minor annoyance, likely in place due to the existing agreement with Microsoft. There’s no word on exactly when this is going to be rolled out, but you can reserve your Netflix Blu-ray disc now.

[ Netflix ] VI A[ Crave ]

Finally, A Cheap Universal Remote That Works With The PS3


By Chris Scott Barr

If you have a PS3, then you probably take advantage of of its Blu-ray player. You’d be crazy not to. Unfortunately one drawback to the PS3 is that you have to have a separate remote to operate it. Why? Because it’s one of the only home theater devices to use Bluetooth to communicate with its remote. Well luckily there now exists a remote that can control more than just your PS3.

The Blu-Link remote works off of both Bluetooth and infrared signals, thus catering to all of your devices. It supports up to six different devices, and can learn commands from other devices. You’ll also find dedicated PS3 and Blu-ray control buttons. $49 might seem steep for your average universal remote, but this one looks to be well worth the money.

[ Interlink ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Turtle Beach Launches P21 PS3 Gaming Headphones


By Shane McGlaun

Turtle Beach has been making nice gaming headphones for the PC and the Xbox for a while. The line has been a bit scant on headphones for the PS3 though. I have used several of Turtle Beach’s PC surround sound headphones and they work pretty well.

The company has now announced a new set of gaming headphones called the P21 for the Sony PS3 console. The P21’s feature a USB powered inline amp to provide deep bass. A mic boom allows players to take advantage of in game chat functions.Continue Reading

Need for Speed Undercover Gets New DLC


By Shane McGlaun

One of my favorite Need for Speed games back in the day was Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. I liked being able to play the cop and give people tickets and I liked running from the police as well. I guess EA tried to go all “PC” with Need for Speed ProStreet and took the racing off the streets. The game was cool, but I wanted police chases.

The latest title in the franchise, Need for Speed Undercover, gave me my wish and EA has announced that new DLC for the game is available for the PS3 and coming soon for the PC and Xbox 360. One of the DLC packs is a free offering called the Challenge Series and adds 60 events to the game. Along with new events called Highway Wars and Highway checkpoint races.

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