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Ultrasone Edition 10 $2,750 Headphones

By David Ponce

It’s making-fun-of-audiophiles-time again! We never cease to be amused by what passes as acceptable marketing material when trying to justify astronomic price tags of some high end audio equipment. Take these $2,750 Edition 10 headphones from Ultrasone:

[They feature] open-back ear cups with galvanic Ruthenium plating and a Zebrano wood inlay, Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear cup pads, Titanium-plated 40mm drivers, silver-plated OFC 99.99% pure copper wires with Kevlar casing, S-Logic Plus technology…

We actually reviewed a set of Ultrasone headphones way back in 2006 and found them to be a little meh. Then again, they were only a $150 model and certainly didn’t have any of that douchetastic look to them, so perhaps are different?

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