EXEMODE DV5000UW Waterproof Camcorder (Images courtesy EXEMODE)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless you make a living filming sharks or other sea life in their natural habitat, you probably can’t justify the cost of an underwater housing for your camera or camcorder. And trying to find one on the cheap is basically playing Russian Roulette with your expensive electronics. So for $150 you can pick up this relatively affordable waterproof digital camcorder from EXEMODE for those rare opportunities you actually get to shoot underwater, like on vacation or at a pool party. It’s 720P HD capable and shoots stills at 12MP so you’re not suffering with a low-res sensor, and on a single charge you can capture a decent 2 1/2 hours of video. I still don’t understand why manufacturers only include paltry amounts of on-board memory, 32MB in this case, but thankfully that’s infinitely expandable via SD cards.

[ EXEMODE DV5000UW Waterproof Camcorder ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]


  1. Ahhh man thats pretty sweet! now i can go film girls underwater at the local pool! “Hey do you wanna re-enact blue lagoon with me” *wink wink*