1st Class Sleeper Promises More Comfortable Flying



By Luke Anderson

I haven’t done an excessive amount of flying in my life, but enough to discover that the seats aren’t very comfortable. It would be nice to fly First Class for once, but those seats are always out of my price range. So instead of paying big bucks for an upgrade, now you can buy a product that promises to give you the comforts of First Class, while still sitting in Coach.

Essentially this 1st Class Sleeper is a blow-up pillow that is supposed to give extra support for your lower back and shoulders while cradling your head and neck. It is only roughly the size of a fold-up umbrella when deflated, and you’ll need to bring your own hot air to fill it with. For $30, it might be worth trying if you do a lot of flying.

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  1. Looks comfy, just remember that for every inch you add between your body and the back of the chair, you lose an inch of legroom as you're essentially sitting forward in your seat.