neuros recorder 2By David Ponce

The sweat, the tears, the long hours spent looking over old articles, squinting at the screen, cursing us for making this so hard… and yet, despite it all, we have a winner! Vincent Cammarota, you already got an email from me… congratulations, you just won yourself a Neuros Recorder 2!

Yes, the hidden message was “Portable Video Made Easy”. Most of you got it right, after prodding. The values Neuros stands for are “Openness, community, innovation”, and, well, the size of the unit you can find on the product page.

Finally, one big “Sorry” to everyone who entered and didn’t win. We can’t make everyone happy. There is, however, one last way for you to win something. In this case, it’s a Sendstation USB Line-Out PocketDock, and all you have to do is complete our lovely reader survey to be automatically entered (provided you give us your email address, never to be shared with anyone).