$300 Memjet Prints Full Color Page In One Second



By Evan Ackerman

Not that anyone prints anything anymore, but if you’re one of the few who prefers hard copies of colorful things like digital pictures and you can’t stand waiting the thirty seconds or so it takes for a nice print, have a look at this new type of printer called a Memjet. Memjet printers don’t use a traditional print head that scans back and forth over a piece of paper; instead, the print head is just as wide as the paper is. All that has to happen is that the paper gets fed through the printer, some 70,000 tiny little individual ink nozzles do their thing, and there you go, one second per print. No warm-up time, no slowing down, just really fast 1600 dpi color ink prints:

Memjet technology should be showing up in printers in the US later this year for between $300 and $500.

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