3D Ceiling Tiles by USG


3d ceiling tilesStory by Asim Waqar

So you are building that extension and want it to have that cool factor that you yourself were never able to achieve. Personally I would recommend American Clay for the walls (I did that!), but I wish I had seen the 3-D ceiling panels from USG, before I decided to just paint the ceiling!

US Gypsum (USG) make some very unique wall and ceiling materials, but their latest offering is by far the coolest. Made of sturdy LEXAN®, BILLO panels have 250 times the strength of glass and 30 times the strength of acrylic. They are easy to clean without marring, hazing or yellowing, ensuring that they will look new for years to come.

The panels feature a smooth surface and are available in four translucent colors and one opaque panel. Price has not been released. Visit the product page here, where you can even order samples.