3D Cone

The iPhone is a pretty amazing smartphone. And with the 3DCone, you can now add ‘shoot images and videos in 3D’ to the already long list of things that Apple’s baby can do.

The 3DCone is a stereoscopic add-on for the iPhone that’s meant to be used with Saturn3DDesign‘s free app so you can capture and render images and videos in three dimensions. It’s different from the other 3D apps already in the market which require you to take a picture, move your phone a bit, and then take a picture again. With the 3DCone, all you have to do is snap it one and start taking pictures or videos.

The 3DCone works by transforming your iPhone into a stereoscopic camera. What the add-on does is use a mirror to take two pictures that are at slightly different angles, which are then used to create the 3D image (or video.) Users can then fire up the app to process the shots and footage, export them, or upload them to YouTube.

Check out a video introducing the 3DCone along with shots of how it works after the jump!

The 3DCone is currently up for funding on Kickstarter. A minimum pledge of $39 will get you a complete 3DCone package that includes a 3DCone and a pair of 3D glasses.