3M Filtrete Water Station (Images courtesy IDEO & 3M)
By Andrew Liszewski

In an attempt to curb the use of disposable plastic water bottles, 3M worked with design firm IDEO, who you might remember were also responsible for those slick BBVA bank ATMs, to design a new type of home water filtration unit. What they came up with was the Filtrete Water Station which allows users to essentially bottle their own filtered water in re-usable containers.

Like the Brita, the Filtrete has a wide basin allowing it to be easily filled from a tap, but using 3M’s specially designed carbon filter it can top off 4 x 16.9oz BPA-free plastic bottles in just seconds, while still reducing the sediments and chlorine taste from the water. The station uses special valves so you can refill any number of bottles at one time, not necessarily 4 at once, and each bottle features a flexible handle which doubles as a leak-proof cap. The Filtrete Water Station was actually launched at Walmart way back in July with the full kit costing $37.44. Replacement filtersm which are good for about 100 gallons of water, are $10.88 while replacement bottle 2-packs are $14.88.

[ IDEO – Filtrete Water Station For 3m ] VIA [ designboom ]