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Smartphones are unquestionably entertaining on their own, with each new generation capable of cooler functions than the one before it. Daring techies, however, can ensure that their phones are capable of even more, although doing so may mess with your warranty. Not all hacks make changes to your phone though, and even when they do, the results are worth the bold behavior.
Five-Star Photography Hacks

Smartphone cameras are practically professional-grade these days. It’s possible to capture stunning photos with your phone. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a phone with a spectacular camera, such as the Galaxy S8 from a carrier like T-Mobile. The carrier is crucial so that you can use apps and programs to touch up your photos. You also need something similar to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network so that you can always send your pictures and Snapchats to friends. How serious is your commitment to becoming a shutterbug? Some of these hacks might be unexpected.

Aerial photographs: Aerial photographs are exquisitely detailed, but they’re hard to snap unless you’re on a plane or flying a drone — or unless you have a balloon. A balloon filled with helium, a fishing line, and a remote trigger are the only items you need to take breathtaking aerial photographs — other than your phone, of course. Tie your phone to the balloon and use the fishing line to keep control of both. The trigger allows you to capture the perfect picture.
Do-it-yourself filters: Your sunglasses can create an Instagram-worthy filter. Give the camera a boost, particularly if the dynamic range of your scene isn’t on-point. Hold your shades in front of the lens of your camera phone and click. This hack works even better if your sunglasses have a gradient.
Exposure: You can similarly fake out your phone’s exposure. To take brighter pictures, slide a black piece of paper or card in front of the camera, then lock the exposure. Your phone will think that it’s too dark to take a good picture so that it will brighten up the photo. Drop the card and snap your photo. The colors will dazzle you.
Do-it-yourself projector: To turn your smartphone into a projector, grab a cardboard box and a DSLR lens. In the box, cut a hole big enough to hold the lens and then secure it using gaffer tape. Place your phone inside of the box, upside down. The phone screen should face the DSLR lens. Queue up the movie you want to play and aim the box at a blank white wall. Instant projector!

Save Time With Inventive Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are lifesavers, and they can save you from any number of embarrassing autocorrect situations. Not only can you ensure that you never accidentally text about the “ducking traffic” again, but you can also set up shortcuts for your email address, for example, so that you don’t have to constantly type it into website fields on your phone. You can do the same with your home address, phone number, and favorite swear words.

Put Your Phone in a Glass

This sounds odd, but it’s a two-fer hack. Placing your speaker in an empty glass amplifies the sound. You can get an instant speaker boost when you’re listening to music. It’s also difficult to turn off your alarms when you have to reach into a glass. Try this trick if you’re prone to pressing snooze or sleeping through your alarm.

Make a Lamp

Your smartphone’s flashlight is bright but concentrated. However, with a simple trick, you can turn it into a bedroom light, which is helpful when you’re traveling, staying overnight with a friend, or dealing with a power outage. Turn on the flashlight, turn over your phone, so the light shines upward, and then place a water bottle on top of the light. Make sure the bottle is tightly closed, of course. The water dims some of the brightness by diffusing the light and increasing its reach.

Keep in mind that some hacks can void your warranty, so you always want to proceed carefully. What’s the coolest hack you’ve ever tried on your phone?