500-In-One Electronic Science Lab


500-In-One Electronic Science Lab (Image courtesy Edmund Scientific)By Andrew Liszewski

Before it became crappy, Radio Shack was an oasis for DIY electronics types and I remember the various kits they sold when I was younger for making things like lie detectors and crystal radios. Of course today’s kids most likely never even listen to radio and since everything they own is already embedded with microchips and LCD displays those old kits from Radio Shack of yesteryear will probably seem like ancient artifacts.

So this updated Electronic Science Lab provides over 500 experiments and tutorials that will hopefully keep even today’s modern super-child interested. You still get to run wires and such but the kit also includes LEDs, LCD displays and light sensitive elements like phototransistors allowing your creations to fit in with other 21st century technology. There’s also a full (though miniaturized) keyboard that gives you the chance to try your hand at software development without the worries of deadlines or pending product launches. The whole kit even folds up into its own hard-shell carrying case for travel but with all the exposed wiring and circuits I would suggest keeping it well clear of airports.

The 500-In-One Electronic Science Lab is available from Edmund Scientific for $199.95.

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  1. I had one similar to this when I was a kid. In fact, it’s in my closet right now. I dissasembled it to get the breadboard and various other parts out to build a new control panel for my spa.

    Some of the best moments in my nerdy life were spent working on those DIY projects.