Levo Book Holder (Image courtesy SkyMall)By Andrew Liszewski

This is one of those products where a gadget writer has to stop and carefully look for an April Fool’s Day tag since you’re pretty sure it can’t be for real. But since SkyMall isn’t known for April 1 tomfoolery the Levo Book Holder has to be legit. It’s basically a large movable arm that’s designed to hold any book up to 5lb in weight completely upside down allowing you to enjoy hands free reading while sitting, reclining or even laying down.

The arm is connected to a wheeled base that can be rolled from room to room and special clips ensure the book doesn’t fall into your lap. It also uses special spring action page holders to keep the book open while still allowing you to turn the pages. It looks easy enough to use but I’m a pretty fast reader and having to open and close the page holders every time I turn the page would get old really quick.

The Levo Book Holder is available from SkyMall for $165.95 but if holding large or heavy books is a serious problem for you why not just wait for the paperback or go with audiobooks instead?

[ Levo Book Holder ]


  1. OK … seeing this in SkyMall might have thrown you (it’s mostly found on sites that focus on adaptive devices for the elderly and disabled), but …. No, you don’t need to pause and look for an April Fool’s Day tag, you just need to remember that some of us have disabilities — even mild, invisible ones — that can quickly destroy the pleasure of reading. Arthritis, pinched nerves in the neck, MS, extreme muscle weakness … I could go on and on. And those of us who have some of these problems shouldn’t have to resort to paperbacks or audio books: we still have brains !!

  2. Or, like my aunt, due to sight difficulties, must use a large print book. Rarely do they come out in paperback, and even if they do, they are large, heavy books. For people with disabilities, holding up a large heavy book can take all the fun out of reading.