That banner at the top is “The $100,000 Banner”, where you can purchase advertisement on this site at a fraction of the regular cost.

Let me explain. has been online since January of 2005. However, since May of that year, traffic has exploded. In the month of October alone, we experienced 200,000 unique visits, and a little over 300,000 page views. We have an Alexa ranking of about 29,000 and a Google Page Rank of 6. For proof, look at the stats. Keep in mind, this screenshot was taken November 1st, 2005.

As a means to finance this site’s complete overhaul, pay off debt, hire a couple of full-time writers and launch a new site (as well as maybe purchase a couple of BigMacs) we have created The $100,000 Banner. It is inspired by Alex Tew, and his Million Dollar Homepage.

The concept is simple: You can purchase pixels on that banner, at $1 each, in blocks of 100 (anything smaller would be too small to be seen) and you can keep that spot for one year. In a year from now, this site will be getting even more traffic, and the value of your investment will increase over time, and not the other way around.

This is crucial! While Alex Tew and his page is getting a lot more traffic than us at the moment, in a few months, when the novelty aspect of his site wears off, traffic will dip. After all, who wants to visit a page with nothing but ads? We are already providing real content and attracting traffic without the use of any gimmick. Your advert will be seen by more and more people as time passes. Not less.

And until March 28th, 2006, we are offering our pixels at half price: $0.5 each!

So what are you waiting for? Place your order now.

Here’s a little FAQ:
Where did you get this idea?
Does this work?
Why can’t I buy less than 100 pixels?
How much money do I save?


  1. […] Ik moest hieraan denken toen ik de imitaties van The Million Dollar Homepage (MDH) zag. MDH is een stunt van Alex Tew, hij maakte en webpagina waarin hij elke pixel voor 1$ verkocht. Hij rekende op succes door de media-aandacht die het project zou krijgen. Hij kreeg veel aandacht en haalde tot nu toe meer dan 8 ton binnen. Geniaal. Zijn succesfactor was het originele idee en de media-aandacht. Het idee is inmiddels tot vervelens ge?miteerd met wisselend succes: The Million Pixels WebSite, Million Dollar Womens Homepage, 20 Cent Pixels, PixelAdWorks, 1 dollar 1 pixel, en OhGizmo heeft een pay-per-pixel banner. […]