90 Degree Adapter

One of the most common reasons why headphones stop working is a busted plug. Most people don’t get those wire clips or organizers, so they end up winding the headphone wire around the music player before tucking it into their purse, bag, or jeans jacket. With enough winding and usage, the plug eventually wears out and breaks, causing a disconnect.

Tackling this head-on is Mohammad Reza Navaei with his design that’s aptly called the 90 Degree Adaptor.

90 Degree Adapter1

It looks like most wires with a straight plug at the bottom, but the difference is that his adapter is bendable. Because of this added feature, you can bend the adapter into a 90-degree angle so you can fit it into tight corners while making storage less of a pain.

I know adapters and headphones with a 90-degree connector already exist, but none feature the flexibility that this design does since you can’t really go from straight to bent with the choices that are already available commercially. Here’s to hoping this design gets turned into a reality.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]