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Introducing the LG Watch Urbane

A smartwatch that’s designed to appeal to timepiece connoisseurs.


Instead of a screen filled with computer-generated graphics, the elegant Urbane adopts a rounded, classic aesthetic. Vintage allure radiates from this detailed face as simulated hands turn with meticulous smoothness against the sheen of the stainless steel housing. The dial may indeed look classic, but powerful computerized innards dwell within. The LG Urbane is a popular technology wearable, specially here, in the west coast. 


A powerful 1.2 GHz quad-core processor lies at the heart of the Google-powered LG Watch Urbane. This Android is capable of calling up alerts and texts. It can even switch stylish analog displays for user-defined digital watch faces, and much more. This digital brain coordinates incoming signals from a number of sensors. Cream of the crop, a PPG heart rate sensor adds fitness tracking attributes to the package, but there’s also a 9-axis accelerometer and a barometric pressure sensor, components that arm Android Apps with streams of environmental data.

There is an option of using either smartphone connection, a Bluetooth 4.0 tether, or the new WiFi network to push notifications to the display. Choosing the right wireless standard for a particular application will enhance battery savings. Navigation is an intuitive experience. Touch navigation is standard, but there’s an integrated microphone, so a concisely stated “OK Google” command is enough to get the smartwatch experience rolling.


Dressy and sharp-looking, battery smart, and outfitted with 4GB of internal memory, the Urbane is also built tough. Each model can resist water or dust, thus defining the chronograph-fronted timepiece as an excellent high-end smartwatch. Available for $349 from all reputable electronics stores, it’s possible to find online sales where the sensor-laden smart wristwatch is substantially discounted. A $279 price tag can be found with some diligent searching.

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