By Jonathan Kimak

The Dallas/Fort Worth airport has a new vending machine to go with the Coca-cola cans and Kit Kat bars, only a purchase would likely require more than 400 quarters(or a credit card). Best Buy has put in Best Buy Express machines that will dispense a variety of gadgets for the consumer on the go.

The vending machines, located past security at Terminal B’s Gate 29 and Terminal E’s Gate 32, have items like iPods and all the needed accessories for sale. A fast and easy way to spend hundreds of dollars means Best Buy will be raking in the money from these machines, especially from parents who forgot to get their kids a present while they were away.

Since these are in an airport, I’d suggest not kicking the machine if your item gets stuck or you might get a free taser demonstration.

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  1. You know, you’d think that iPods and computers are kinda useless without anything to put on them. Like that one guy said: “Why do they put luggage shops in airports? It’s not like you see some guy with a bundle of shirts running around an airport that needs luggage.” Still, a neat idea. Really neat if you have a computer with some songs on it.