By David Ponce

It’s that time of the month where we remind everyone that there’s a reason we’re able to do what we do, and bring you OhGizmo! daily. That’s the sponsors, who believe in our product and are willing to associate themselves with us. And we to them, of course. So, a big Thank You to the following companies.

The company allows you to monetize your blog by writing reviews for cash. With over 40,000 bloggers signed up, their success is undeniable. And with clear disclosure now a requirement, there’s no more confusion.

Wicked Lasers
Long time readers of the site know just how great the lasers this company makes are (is this even grammatically correct?). If you’ve got the cash to spare, you’ll be amazed at how popular you can be with one of these babies in your hand.

HP is the world’s largest IT corporation, and hardly needs an introduction. There’s not much in the tech world they’re not into, and that list now includes a smartphone. Good for them.