Rock Band - PS3

By Luke Anderson

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks playing Rock Band. Fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to have a set of instruments that play perfectly (if only the same could be said about the person playing them). I’m also fortunate enough to be an Xbox 360 owner, as my Guitar Hero II and III controllers both work with the game. The same cannot be said for PS3 owners.

There was supposed to be a patch last week that would allow PS3 owners to play Rock Band with their Les Paul from Guitar Hero III. The announcement was made by Harmonix that it would be available last Tuesday, but the patch never came. Naturally, people everywhere were outraged that they would be lied to in such a way. It wasn’t until over a week later that we learned why the patch mysteriously disappeared from the radar. Apparently Activision (Guitar Hero III’s publisher) has been putting legal pressure on Sony to not release the patch into the wild.

I’m not affected by this particular issue, but frankly I’m appalled at Activision for taking this stance. The only reason for them to object to the patch is that they’re afraid that Rock Band may end up becoming a more popular game. They don’t seem to care that the only people upset are loyal Guitar Hero III customers that just want to be able to use their controllers. Hopefully Activision wises up and figures out that the only people they are hurting are their customers, and themselves.

VIA [ GamerFront ]