Add To Your Back To The Future Collection With A 2015 Color-Changing Hat



By Chris Scott Barr

As far as movie trilogies go, Back to the Future will probably always be in my top 5.  I mean it’s got a time-traveling DeLorean, it’s always going to be cool. As such, we’re probably always going to see replicas of some of our favorite items from the movies. Be it actual props from the set, or Nike’s Hyperdunks which were nothing like the ones from the movie. Well today I’ve found the weird-looking hat Marty McFly Jr. wears in the second movie.

I think the most prominent feature of this hat is the strangely-colored fabric that it’s made out of. There’s really the most high-tech thing about it, and not really futuristic at all. I’m no fashion expert, but something tells me that kids aren’t going to be wearing these in 2015, unless they’re reenacting scenes from the movie. This cheesy one-size-fits-all replica will only set you back about $25 when it ships on July 15th.

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