adjustable breast implants

By David Ponce

It’s one thing to get buyer’s remorse on a pair of shoes, but dude, if your girlfriend is regretting the C cups she got implanted, and wishes they had been double-Ds, then you’re in trouble. Well, make that you were in trouble, as it seems it’s possible to get adjustable implants now. That’s right. Not satisfied with the size, just pump them up. Of course, it’s a little more intricate than that.

They’re called Spectrum® Postoperatively Adjustable Breast Implants. Once the implants are, um, installed, the surgeon leaves an open port that can later be used for inflation; the port is of course subcutaneous, so it cannot be seen. Should the patient decide that the implants are not big enough, she can return to the surgeon, who will proceed to inflate them over a period of weeks to avoid severe stretch marks and obtain a more desirable shape.

We don’t know how much these are, but we do know they are available on saline implants only.

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  1. Haven’t there been inflatable breast implants in Japan for years and years now? I remember Janwillem Van Der Wetering writing about them in one of his mystery novels back in the 1980s or so.

    Those were not saline or silicone though. They were air.

  2. LMAO@ Reebok Pump model

    This really doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’m surprised this hasn’t been out a long time ago if they hadn’t already like gmoke says and I just hadn’t heard about them till now.