Advanced Rain Jacket


Rubbersuit By David Edney

TDA research and the University of Colorado have created a new rubber material laced with microscopic channels that could be used to make more comfortable, less bulky protective gear for people who work around hazardous chemicals. It combines rubber with liquid crystals to keep out harmful chemicals while letting sweat pass through. The process works because molecules of toxic chemicals are too large to fit through the tiny passages, but water molecules are small enough. Most suits worn now in hazardous work areas keep out the harmful chemicals, but make you sweat like a pig, because they trap all the moisture inside.

The researchers hope to also apply this new technology to other applications like military clothing, or just regular rain coats. Also, they believe that this new rubber might be useful in purifying contaminated water, and desalinating seawater. So, theoretically in the future of rain jacket technology, you might be able to stay dry from the weather, while your jacket turns your sweat into drinking water. We’re betting that one’s going to be a real popular with the ladies.

VIA [ CNN Tech ]