Shooting video like a professional means many things, like a good camera, a good set of lenses and obviously a good videographer. But it also means being able to move the camera like a pro, smooth and steady (unless you’re Blair Witchin’ it). Big budget shoots will have slider systems with really long tracks and elaborate contraptions to move the camera from here to there smoothly. More modest setups will involve smaller tracks, like the MobiSlyder that we featured last year. What these solutions all have in common is an unwieldy, usually hard to carry solid track. The AirTrack in an inflatable slider system, featuring a portable track that inflates to up to 1.5m (5ft.) in length at the (repeated) squeeze of a hand pump. The dolly (the part that rolls on that track) uses a fairly standard 3/8in. tripod screw so you’re free to use almost any type of camera available, up to 8 lbs. That’s sturdy enough to handle most (if not all) dSLRs. And since the track is inflated and very light, there are grommets you can use to attach it to the ground and prevent it from flying off in the wind.

Early backers can still get the AirTrack for a $250 pledge to their Kickstarter campaign. After that it bumps up to $275.

Hit the jump for a demo video, another picture and links.


  1. The idea of an inflatable track is sort of genius. It does seem limited to low angle shots, though. Putting a taller tripod on would likely exceed the 8lb weigh limit.