Aluminum Travel Hanger (Image courtesy MerlinsBox)By Andrew Liszewski

While hotels usually provide plenty of hangers for travelers trying to avoid looking like a wrinkled hobo there’s still plenty of opportunities for them to get that way while en route. So before you get to your ‘home away from home’ this folding travel hanger should help keep your suit jacket looking like it was freshly pressed.

When collapsed the hanger easily fits inside a briefcase, suitcase or carry-on bag but when the risk of wrinkled clothing rears its ugly head the hanger can be unfolded in just seconds. And the lightweight but strong aluminum materials should support even the heaviest of coats. Of course if I was the designer of this hanger I would also sell them as Aluminum Folding Travel Car Unlocking Devices allowing me to market the device to car thieves as well as business travelers.

The Kikkerland Design Aluminum Folding Travel Hanger is available from for only $6.99.

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