Amazon has revealed a new product: the Amazon Echo Spot, ahead of Prime Day. This revamped version retains the charm of the original 2017 model but now features a hemispherical display and speaker on the front. Enhanced sound quality and a sharper display are the main upgrades, though only time will tell if it avoids the screen flicker issues of its predecessor.

A notable change is the removal of the camera, addressing privacy concerns from users who weren’t comfortable with a camera on their bedside table. The Echo Spot can handle basic tasks via Alexa, such as providing weather updates and displaying song titles from streaming services.

The Echo Spot is available in Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue, with customizable display hues in magenta, violet, orange, lime, teal, or blue. It is priced at $80, but Prime members can get it for $45 during Prime Day. This updated Echo Spot offers a sleek design and practical functionality, making it an appealing choice for a smart alarm clock.