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And The Winner Of The Coosh Headphones With Bundled iPod TouchIs… (UPDATED)

By David Ponce

HAL_9000, with the comment: “even if i by some miracle i won it, i’m sure my wife would steal it.” Our hearts go out to you, dear HAL_9000. You’ll get the joy of winning with the sorrow of losing, all at the same time. Good stuff.

For those of you wondering where the requisite screenshots are: I’m on vacation. I’m using some strange PC, with none of the software I use. And sure, taking and cropping screenshots is fairly simple. But I’m on vacation. Trust me that the winning number was 14, and that this is our little HAL_9000 friend here.

Once again, my apologies to all who didn’t win, but I do thank you all for entering. If anything, we’ve set a new record for the number of comments left in a month! And proven that y’alls are a bunch of lurkers. Don’t be shy of leaving comments. In the future, we’ll start rewarding prolific commenters, and it won’t hurt you to get a head start.

Merry Christmas!

Update: Turns out our little friend here doesn’t leave his correct email address… HAL_9000, dude, we got no other way of reaching you! You have 24 hours to get in touch with us, or your winning will be forfeited and given to someone else. And to avoid some random person claiming to be you, you will have to give us the email address you used to make your original comment as well. Failure to remember it, you guessed it, will forfeit your winning. Sorry dude, but we have no choice.