By Evan Ackerman

Hey. Psssst. Are you listening to good music? You should be listening to eeeeevil music. At least some of the time. You know, to maintain a healthy spiritual balance. Ideally, you want to be listening to half good music and half evil music to keep yourself centered. And these are the headphones to do it with, boy howdy. The Angel – Devil earphones don’t have stellar audio quality, to be sure, but they’re awfully cute, aren’t they? And you can remix all your music to have Black Sabbath playing out of the eeeeevil ear, and Miley Cyrus playing out of the angel ear.

Or, wait, do I have that backwards? I think I have that backwards. Well, either way, it’d probably give you a heck of a headache. The Angel – Devil headphones come in 5 color combinations, include the little stand, and cost only $35.

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