Animal Sense Device Turns You Into An Ant


Animal Sense Device

By Evan Ackerman

Alright, so it doesn’t actually turn you into an ant, but it might help you feel like one. A really goofy one, but what’s wrong with that? These three devices emulate some of the characteristics of three different animals: pretend you’re a giraffe by adding 30 centimeters to your height, pretend you’re a bird with a headband that lets you sense geomagnetic fields, or pretend you’re an ant with a VR helmet and a 50x camera in your “foot.” As you might expect from the picture, these are all designed for kids, but that wouldn’t stop me from putting on the ant helmet and crawling around my back yard for a bit. A few more pics of the ant helmet (and views from the 50x camera) after the jump.

Ant Helmet

[ Animal Superpowers ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]